Tips To Manage Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Tips To Manage Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain in pregnancy is stated to be one of the most visible signs of pregnancy. It is true that a balanced and healthy diet is important for the growth of the baby. Even though it is true that extra calories are needed for the body when a woman is carrying, it is not essential that the mum should eat for two. On an average, 300 more healthy calories are required apart from the normal intake of calories in the case of carrying mums to make sure that a balanced adding of pounds is possible during pregnancy. so weight gain in pregnancy and managing it is very important.

Gaining Weight During Pregnancy:

A carrying mum can consult her gynaecologist to get a recommendation on the ideal weight she should gain to make sure that her baby can grow in a healthy fashion. A normal thumb rule is that a lady with normal weight when she becomes mum should ideally gain 25-30 pounds when the baby grows. When it comes to underweight mums, they should gain 30-40 pounds and obese women should gain 15-20 pounds.

During Trimesters:

A pregnant lady gains about 5 pounds during the first trimester and the rest of the duration, the average gain should be at the rate of one pound a week. When it comes to mums carrying twin babies, the gain should be around 45 pounds during the entire pregnancy term. This means that they should gain an average of 2 pounds a week, after the first three months.

Is Weight Gain Important During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is extremely important during this period as the weight gain in pregnancy of the mother determines the weight of the baby, and it will also help the doctor in determining the nature of the delivery. When a carrying mum has two babies in her womb, she will be recommended to take 3500 calories per day on an average. This should be done to make sure that that the fetuses within her are not malnourished.

How about Losing Weight During Pregnancy?

If a lady is highly obese when she is carrying, the doctor would recommend her to lose weight. But, the steps taken for weight loss should be done under the supervision of the doctor as rapid diet, and strenuous exercise may lead to miscarriage. This is why it is recommended that when a lady is planning for pregnancy, she should maintain a healthy weight gain in pregnancy as losing weight during pregnancy can affect the growth of the fetus.

Ideal Weight During Pregnancy:

For underweight mums during pregnancy, gaining weight might pose a problem. However, the tips given below will help them in reaching the ideal weight:

• As against having three heavy meals a day, it can be split into six small meals

• Snacking is recommended and cheese, nuts and crackers can be used for this purpose as they are healthy in addition to promoting weight gain.

• Peanut better, which contains lots of calories will help

• Chocolate, in addition to helping in weight gain in pregnancy, will also release endorphins, which are mood enhancers. So, they can be added for ensuring the growth of the baby in a happy environment.

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