Get to Know about UTI Symptoms in Women

Get to Know about UTI Symptoms in Women

Get to Know about UTI Symptoms in Women

The lower UTI system of the human body includes the urinary bladder and the urethra. In practice, most of the symptoms in the lower urinary tract suffered by women are normally caused by urinary bladder infections.

These infections are grouped into two:

  • Symptoms due to urinary bladder irritation.
  • Symptoms caused by the obstruction or blockage in the urine flow.

Obstruction signs are mostly common in men as compared to women. Lower UTI symptoms are usually occurring in females of every age, especially in women aged forty to sixty. Symptoms just come and go; however, for a few women, the signs are continuing and hinder with daily life.

Here are the common signs due to urethra and bladder irritation:

  • Constant ache in the lower abdomen.
  • Stinging or burning during urination.
  • Loss of control in the urinary bladder.
  • Urgent feeling of necessity to empty the bladder.
  • Feeling achy and generally not well.
  • Necessity to rise up and urinate many times at night and more frequent than normal during daytime.
  • Fever with a temperature more than 37 Degrees Centigrade.
  • The following are some symptoms because of obstruction:

  • Trouble in urinating.
  • Feeling of necessity in emptying your urinary bladder even though after you have urinated.
  • A slow flow of urine.
  • Lower UTI symptoms have several causes and there is no precise cause that is found. The following are some possible causes:

    Urinary Tract Infection in Women:

    Urinary tract infections in women are extremely common. These infections are caused by germs in the urinary bladder. A urinary tract infection causes the lower abdomen discomfort, a stinging sensation during urination and the urgent need to urinate and frequently. The urine might appear cloudy or may look bloody.

    Your physician could perform urine examination and could recommend antibiotic medication if necessary.

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    Get to Know about UTI Symptoms in Women
    Some females get infections repeatedly after their menopausal stages. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can also help.


    The estrogen levels of women fall down after menopause. Due to this, a few women could observe some changes in their genitalia and vagina after the menopausal syndrome. These changes might include dryness from vagina, pain during intercourse and urinary bladder symptoms. These could all be improved normally with medication. Options for treatment include estrogen creams, HRT and lubricating gels.

    Stress Incontinence:

    The most common type of incontinence is the stress incontinence. In indicates that you give away urine by things like sneezing, coughing or exercise. It occurs once the there is the weakening of the muscles pelvic floor that support the urinary bladder.

    Childbirth is considered as the common reason to weaken the pelvic floor. Workout of the pelvic floor is the major form of treatment of stress incontinenceHormone replacement therapy (HRT) can also help.

    Childbirth is considered as the common reason to weaken the pelvic floor. Workout of the pelvic floor is the major form of treatment of stress incontinence. A surgical procedure is also advisable to support or tighten the outlet of the bladder. If you don’t like surgery, medication could be used also plus exercises.

    Urge Incontinence:

    Urgency is a sign in which you feel an abrupt insistent need to urinate. You have that urgency to go to the toilet. Urge Urinary incontinence occurs when there is leak of urine before you are able to reach the toilet as you have need. It also comes under the category of UTI symptoms.

    Diabetes Mellitus:

    UTI is very common if you are suffering from diabetes. If your glucose level is not controlled there is a tendency that you will produce extra urine. Bladder cancer and bladder stones are the uncommon symptoms of lower urinary tract. Blood appears in the urine and there is intense pain in urinating. Once you have noticed the above signs of lower urinary tract, try to consult your doctor for immediate medication.

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