When Should Women See A Gynecologist?

When Should Women See A Gynecologist?

Many women have a fear when it comes to visiting a gynecologist, who is a physician specialized in treating diseases related to reproductive organs in women and in providing health care treatments to women with primary focus on the female reproductive organs. Visiting such a specialist can be uncomfortable and even some procedures for treating problems may be painful as well. But, it is important that women, particularly those in love life should visit such a specialist at least once in a year to ensure that everything is fine with their reproductive health. Otherwise, it is important that they should visit the specialist, at least when they experience the following issues:

Of course, pregnancy is the time that prompts every woman to see this professional, but here are other issues that force women to plan a visit:

Irregular periods:

Even though, skipping a period once in a while is fine, if it happens regularly, it is important to fix an appointment with a gyno. It is the first symptom that showcases that there is some problem in the reproductive health in women. While occasional missing of period is generally linked to problems like excessive weight loss or gain, disorders in consumption of food, strenuous exercise routine, emotional stress and breastfeeding, it can be caused due to other issues like menopause, hormonal imbalance and PCOD as well. So, it is better to visit a gyno for finding the exact reason for a missed period.

Urinary issues:

If a lady finds that she is frequently making her visit to the bathroom than normal, it is better to book an appointment with the specialist. It can be a sign of an UTI. Other symptoms of UTI include pelvic pain, pain or burning sensation when urinating, strong-smelling or cloudy urine. Irrespective of the reason in the urinary issues, when the help is sought early, the problem can be counteracted effectively.

Abnormal vaginal discharge:

Even though, it is common for women to experience slight vaginal discharge between menstrual cycles as it is the normal process happening in the body to clean the reproductive passage, but, when it is excess, it is better to seek medical help. Also, the discharge will increase, when ovulating, when sexually aroused and when breastfeeding. When there are changes in the quantity, odor and color, it is better to seek medical attention. The reason is that it can be caused due to menopause, cervical cancer, and side-effects of birth control pills, sexually transmitted infections, yeast or bacterial infections. When the vaginal discharge is abnormal, it can cause a lot of discomfort as well. So, it is better to seek help immediately.

Irregular bleeding:

Light spotting before the onset of period and during ovulation period is something normal. But, when it happens at inappropriate times, it is better to seek medical attention as it can be caused due to other reasons like inflammation in cervix, uterine or cervical cancer, fibroids, infection in pelvic organs, etc.

Other situations that need immediate gyno attention are unusually heavy periods, lumps in breasts, excessive sweating and vaginal odor.

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