Yoga Poses To Help Menopause Symptoms

Yoga Poses To Help Menopause Symptoms

Abdominal cramps, fatigue, hot flashes, swelling in different parts of the body, difficulties in sleeping, anxiety, stress, sudden weight gain are some of the symptoms of menopause in women. It is important that to manage the stressful things associated with menopause, women should have both physical and emotional strength and stability. Yoga is a technique that can provide it all for women at this stage of their life. Yoga is stated as a technique that can bring several benefits to menopause symptoms as well as it can replenish the energy reserves in the body. To stay strong against the odds associated with menopause, women can try the following yoga exercises and it is better to get trained on these posses from a trained master:

Viparita karani:

This pose is otherwise called as legs up the wall or inversion lake pose. This particular exercise is known to regulate the flow of blood, bringing down the menstrual cramps and rendering the whole workout to the lower part of the body. Women at their pre-menopause period can practice this pose on a regular basis for bringing down the swelling in their feet and legs. Here is how this technique should be practiced:

• Initially, women should lie on their back on the ground, while placing their legs on to the wall. When doing this, the upper body should be perpendicular to the wall

• When doing this, the hip bones should be close, such that they can be kept right up against the wall.

• To provide support to the lower back, a small pillow or a cushion can be used.

• This pose can be held for 5-15 minutes or even for longer.

Setu Bandhasana:

This yoga pose is otherwise called as bridge pose and it will be effective in strengthening the organs in the stomach, it can regularize blood pressure, can calm the brain and the central nervous system, it can treat insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. When this yoga is practiced, it will surely bring about an improvement in their condition for women. Here is how this yoga should be practiced:

• To begin practicing this pose, women should lie down on their back with hands pressed on their sides.

• Then, feet should be brought closer to hips by folding the legs.

• Hands should be placed under the back with the palms providing support to the hips and then the hips should be hoisted

• Then, the spine should be lifted while providing support with elbows placed on the floor

• Once this pose is reached, the legs should be straightened out in the air. Even though, this is something hard to do, ideally the tow fingers should paint forward.

• They should slowly inhale and the pose should be held as long as possible.

• To return to the original position, the feet should be brought closer to the hips and then the back should be lowered to the ground and the hands on the back should be removed slowly.

There are also other poses that can help women at this stage and a yoga guru can provide the right guidance in this regard.

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