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Prevention of Typhoid:

According to microbiologist José María Marimón, there are two ways to prevent the typhoid fever: "One is not ingesting water or food contaminated with the bacteria. For this, you have to drink drinking water and food free of bacteria or cooked, as heat destroys them. This measure, moreover, can help prevent other gastrointestinal infections. "

Thus, control of food handling and food conservation and proper treatment of wastewater, in order to avoid contamination of drinking water, together with health education of the population, can be effective tools to prevent the typhoid fever. The individual measures are fundamental:

  • Basic hygiene, such as washing hands before eating.
  • Do not eat prepared foods in street stalls.
  • Do not drink drinks with ice of dubious origin.
  • Refrain from drinking infusions or tea in places that you do not trust, unless they have been treated correctly or prepared with mineral water.
  • Do not ingest dairy products unless you are absolutely sure that they have been pasteurised.
  • Vegetables and vegetables must be eaten cooked and when they are still hot. If you prefer to consume them raw, you must immerse them previously.
  • The fruit should be washed before peeling.
  • Fish and seafood should not be eaten raw; Must be boiled for at least ten minutes before consumption

The other way to prevent typhoid is through vaccination. There are two types of vaccines against typhoid fever, one oral and one injectable. The protection they confer is not permanent, so it is recommended to revaccinate after three years if you go to countries where the disease is still endemic.

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