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Health Benefits of Banana:

 "A banana a day keeps the doctor away"

 In addition to increasing energy and concentration, eating this fruit can help you treat and prevent many health problems, including:


Bananas contain tryptophan, which is later converted to serotonin (also known as the "happiness hormone"), a substance capable of relaxing the body, improve mood and increase happiness.

In a recent research by MIND (a charity of mental health), it was shown that a group of depressed people felt much better after eating a banana.


Bananas are high in fiber, so regular consumption can restore normal bowel function.

With this fruit, it is no longer necessary to consume laxatives, and at the same time, your body absorbs all its nutrients. In addition, the banana helps to prevent bloating.

To do this, eat one between 20 and 30 minutes before each meal, or at breakfast.

Blood Pressure

Containing high levels of potassium and low salt level, this fruit helps naturally treat high blood pressure. Yes, banana reduces the risk of stroke.


The banana has a calming effect on the stomach, and when combined with a little honey can help balance the blood sugar level and hydrate your body.

A banana smoothie is a perfect solution to cure hangovers. It acts almost immediately, is easy to prepare and very healthy.

You can add a little honey to sweeten it or combine it with fruits, grains and vegetables to make it more nutritious.


Banana is a recommended food for those suffering from intestinal disorders.

Its smooth, smooth texture creates a protective coating on the stomach and neutralizes any acidity and irritation you may experience.

Reduce heartburn

Bananas have an antacid effect on the body. When you feel harsh, eat a banana and you will feel a quick, natural and relaxing relief.

Treat the nerves

Bananas are rich in vitamin B, essential for the nervous system. A study by the Australian Institute of Psychology showed that the most obese people are those who have a stressful job.

The fat is because they are looking for comforting food to try to avoid stress.

In their report, the researchers concluded that "to avoid cravings triggered by labor panic, it is necessary to control blood sugar levels by taking high-carbohydrate snacks every two hours."

So now you know! Eat a banana at work or while doing activities that stress you.


Banana, being rich in iron (essential for the stimulation of hemoglobin in the blood), is a natural aid in the treatment of anemia.

Mosquito bites

This fruit is also an alternative to reduce the swelling and irritation caused by insect bites. All you have to do is rub the picket with the inside of a banana peel ... and that's it!


In the traditional medicine of the countries of the South, banana is recognized for its healing and soothing virtues.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply it on skin wounds, burns, skin infections and mouth sores.

After an insect bite, rub the skin with banana peel also helps relieve the itching and decrease the swelling.


The copper present in large quantities in the banana gives it anti-allergic properties by inhibiting the production of histamines.  

For a better memory

The potassium of the banana develops the brain capacities and your memory at the same time.

Skin Benefits of Banana:


  • The active ingredients of Bananas are an important source of antioxidants.
  • They have an exceptional concentration of phytosterols and polyphenols, with remarkable anti-aging benefits.
  • Eating bananas regularly would help to stay young longer.
  • And banana masks on the face would help maintain a good skin tone.
  • Every night, rub a banana peel on your face. Do not remove leftover pulp, go to bed without washing your face.
  • In the morning, rinse it. You can also make yourself a mask every week.

To treat psoriasis

  • Rub the inside of a banana skin over the area affected by this skin problem.
  • At first, it may be redder than before, but do not worry, it's normal. If you repeat this treatment every day, you will notice a difference very quickly.
  • Wash your face well with soap and water at neutral pH. Apply banana peel across the face, let dry, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Hair Benefits of Banana:

  • In addition, the benefits of banana are made present in the hair, nourishing it and being ideal for dry or damaged hair.
  • Thanks to its healthy properties, the banana can be used as a home treatment for hair, nourishing and filling it with life.
  • The benefits of banana are related to the high amount of vitamins and minerals that this fruit has, in addition its zinc content strengthens the hair and prevents its fall; Main reason why it is used as a natural hair mask to moisturize, soften, nourish and bring back the shine to the hair.
  • With the banana you can create a natural restorative cream, to return in a few minutes the shine and softness to the hair.
  • For this nourishing cream you need a ripe banana and two tablespoons of olive oil, the banana is crushed to form a paste and mixed with olive oil; When a homogenous mixture is achieved it is applied over the length of the hair and on the scalp, performing very gentle massages.
  • Cover the hair with a thermal cap or bath and let this nourishing banana cream act for an hour, to finally rinse with warm water.



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