Banana Juice: Nutrition, Benefits, Recipe


Banana Shake Recipe & Nutrition Facts:

Milk milkshakes are practically traditional in many cultures of the world, representing a very nutritious snack, which only reports very healthy benefits.

Milk, unlike bananas, is considered to have a complete protein type by having nine of the so-called essential amino acids or the body needs because it can not manufacture them by itself, considering that in total there are approximately twenty essential amino acids. Which the body uses to complete its functions at this level.

Nutritional value (1 glass – 250 ml):

Calories: 170 cals

Carbohydrate: 33 g

Phosphorus: 170 mg

Calcium: 200 mg

Protein: 9 g

Fat: 0.7 g


This milkshake, probably the oldest, is still one of the tastiest.

Ingredients for a great milkshake:

1 small banana, very ripe

20 cl whole milk, cold

2 balls of vanilla ice cream

1 tsp. (Optional)

1 tsp. Coffee lemon juice (optional)

Nutmeg and banana rings, for the decor


  • Mix the banana peeled and cut into pieces with milk, ice, sugar and lemon juice for 30 seconds to obtain a homogeneous preparation.
  •  Pour the milkshake into a large glass, sprinkle it with nutmeg and decorate the rim of the glass with banana rings.

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