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Orange Fruit Information


orange is one of the favourite fruits of the world. Its sweet taste slightly acidity excites the taste buds. Consumed daily, it brings the necessary vitamins to fight cold and fatigue. A concentrate of energy and well-being to chew and drink!

  •  An orange weighs 200 grams on average. Its flesh tasty and sip of the juice of light orange hides under a thick and shiny skin of a more sustained orange shooting red.
  • With apple and banana, orange is one of the most consumed fruit. On the stalls are fleshy oranges, as well as blood oranges.
  • Whether it is eaten, pressed or peeled, orange is a basic fruit in the kitchen. It accompanies meat and fish as well as vegetables or pastries.
  • Orange is rich in vitamin C, it is ideal to cover the daily needs!
  • The low-calorie orange brings a significant amount of minerals (calcium, magnesium) essential to the proper balance of the body.
  • Orange is available all year round.

Health Profile of Orange

The orange is the fruit of the sun excellence through. The pulp and juice contain an exceptional amount of vitamin C. It contains many antioxidant compounds that play a role in the prevention of certain types of cancer, among others.

Property of Orange:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant:
  • It is an important source of vitamin C:
  • It alleviates stress and depression due to its high content of vitamins
  • It is depurative:
  • It promotes digestion:
  • It helps to absorb iron:
  • It contributes to the beauty of the skin

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