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Benefits of Orange Juice:

The orange juice is one of the popular and easy to consume juice. If you want to enjoy all the properties of Orange juice, then you will have to drink the juice in its natural form or pressed orange juice.

If you want to know how this fruit contributes to your health, on everything, we explain in detail the benefits of orange juice.

  1. An orange juice glass in a day will help keep your body healthy and prevent certain conditions like flu, colds and fatigue.
  2. Among the benefits of orange juice, you can not put aside its antioxidant power. Also, because of its vitamin C.
  3. This fruit helps to slow cell aging and free radical production, which not only ensures younger, healthier skin, but also Prevention of certain diseases such as cancer.
  4. Orange is a fruit that facilitates the elimination of body fat through its vitamin B content.
  5. Another benefit of orange juice is its ability to improve digestion. Indeed, its citric acids help you to better digest food and reduce the bloating.
  6. Here are some benefits of drinking a glass of fresh orange juice on an empty stomach: Activation of the kidney system helps you to eliminate the toxins accumulated through the urine more quickly. This habit could help prevent the formation of kidney stones.
  7. It is recommended to drink orange juice on an empty stomach with as much water as possible and, preferably, without added sugar. Also, you can consume this drink before or after meals to improve digestion.
  8. Although orange juice possesses many benefits, it is important to understand that you should not abuse it. One or two drinks a day or drink several times a week punctually is enough to enjoy its properties.

Orange Juice Recipe:

It is a traditional juice that is obtained by squeezing the inside of the oranges. It is a complex food product composed of vitamin C, minerals, used as soda, as well as in cooking recipes.


  • 06 oranges of juice.
  • 1 tsp. Of sugar (if needed)


Wash the oranges with running water, then cut in halves, squeeze with a manual or electric juicer.

You could add sugar if the oranges are very acidic. 


Fresh orange juice, 1 cup (250 mL) / 260 g









Dietary fiber


Glycemic load: Low

Antioxidant power: Very High

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