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11 uses of the orange you probably did not know

Thanks to its properties, orange is ideal for treating different health problems, avoid diseases, and even to clean your home.


  • Nerves


The orange helps to calm the nerves in times of crisis. This is why it is recommended to prepare an infusion with orange leaves in a cup of hot water.


  • Urinary System Problems


To fight bladder and prostate problems, drink orange juice during the day to stimulate their functions, fight infections and inflammations.


  • Tonsillitis


To combat this problem, it is recommended to drink, on an empty stomach, a glass of orange juice mixed with 3 crystals of aloe vera.


  • Obesity


Thanks to its carbohydrate content and its purifying properties, orange helps fight obesity.


  • Lowering the fever


Orange juice, rich in vitamin C, eliminates toxins and calms the fever while nourishing us.


  • Fighting Wrinkles


Orange hydrates the skin, activates blood circulation and helps prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles. In addition to drinking pure orange juice, it is recommended to make compresses with the orange pulp for 15 minutes.


  • Gastronomy


The orange is used in cooking in many desserts. You can drink its juice, add it to different dishes, or use it to decorate the meats in an original way, etc.


  • Scent the house


The orange gives off a very pleasant aroma that allows smelling the bad odors in all the places of the house. You can use oils of orange peel, which release a very pleasant fragrance.


  • Orange cleanser


You will be amazed at the powers that orange has to clean and disinfect the different rooms of the house. In a bottle, combine orange peel, water, and vinegar. You can put this preparation in a spray, and use it to clean household appliances, windows, verandas, stained glass, crystal, etc.


  • Remove Bad Odors in shoes


The pleasant fragrance of oranges is ideal to remove bad odors in shoes. To do this, put some orange peels in your shoes, and let it work until the next day.


  • Shiny Hair


If you have dry and dull hair, soak orange peels in cider vinegar, then apply the mixture to wet hair, and rinse.

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