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Here we are giving the details of yoga for weight loss, but at the same time, it is very effective and very helpful asana. Its name is badhakonasan. Sometimes in English, It is also called as butterfly pose. It’s actually a sitting pose, wherein you flap your both the legs, sitting in a very nice hip opening position. So let us see how to perform badhakonasan.

Let’s begin with badhakonasan. You need to do the first dandasan.

  • For coming to dandasan, see that you lift your extra muscle from your buttocks. 'Sit on the tail bone. Roll your shoulders back. Booth the feets firmly on the ground. 'Hands by your side. Chest open.
  • Now take your both the feets together and lift your body 'And come forward.
  • Join both your arms with your feets and start flapping both your legs 'Slowly.
  • Initially slowly and then you can increase your speed.
  • Your body should be 'Straight. Start flapping.
  • Just like a butterfly and hence this pose is also called as 'Butterfly pose. Flap. Feel the stretch in your groin area.
  • Now slowly bring your feets 'Forward, arms by your side and come in dandasan.

You have seen right away how to do 'Badhakonasan. Now let us understand some precautions you need to take while performing 'Badhakonasan.

Precautions During Badhakonasan:

  • Those who have knee injuries or injuries related to their groin area, should 'Avoid doing badhakonasan.
  • Even if you have herniated vertebral disc, refrain yourself 'From doing badhakonasan. Else everyone can do, and it is one of the safest asanas in yoga.

Benefits of Badhakonasan:

  • The most important benefit is 'That it massages our internal organs and helps in digestion.
  • It also helps to reduce 'Those extra muscles from your belly and make your tummy really look smart and toned 'Stomach.
  • It also helps to stretch your inner thighs which are very less otherwise stretched. 'So its really helpful for the strengthening of your legs. Both the legs are stretched.
  • It also 'Helps in revealing the pain from sciatica. So it soothes the sciatica pain.
  • It also helps to 'Massage your internal organs and hence especially when you are suffering from pain, 'Specially low area pain, then also if you do badhakonasan, it will have a very good 'Impact.
  • If you are going through menstrual pain, it also smoothes. So if you are having 'Periods, please do badhakonasan which will help you to relieve that pain.
  • It is also said 'That, in fact, research, have been proved that of you do badhakonasan, specially in the later 'Pregnancy term, then it helps you to ease the pregnancy.

So you have understood now 'Benefits and as well as the precautions you should take while performing badhakonasan. So keeping performing badhakonasan.

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