"Elderly men" have different types of commonly seen serious problems....(what, how & when)--Part --5

The common problems in men in their advanced age


Colorectal cancer or colon cancer

If you are a male and have crossed 50 in your age, you must go for a screen test for making sure that you do not have any colorectal cancer or colon cancer. The problem is most likely to hit those who have family history of colorectal cancer. The persons, who have the family history of running this colorectal cancer, must get them screened earlier. Many other tests are also available for detecting this colorectal cancer. So always keep in touch with your doctor.


For anyone, like physical health, the emotional health must be maintained in a healthy and sound manner. You must always remain in touch with your doctor for getting you screened for any type of depressions. The screening is very much needed for those people who have been showing depression during last 2 weeks.

Symptoms of depressions:

1) The person may be keeping hopelessness, sad or felling down.

2) The person may have shown little interest in doing things or have gathered pleasures, which were otherwise pleasing to him before.


It is always better to remain away from being diabetic. A regular blood sugar checkup is very much helpful for knowing about the blood sugar condition. So get screened about your blood sugar level.

The problem of diabetes can cause health conditions in heart, brain, kidneys, nerves, eyes, feet and other body parts.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

If you are any one among the following conditions, you must get yourself screened at least once and know whether you are the candidate for HCV infection.

Condition 1: Have been born after 1945 and before 1965

Condition 2: Have you ever injected drugs

Condition 3: Had you had any blood transfusion before or almost 20 years or so?

Condition 4: Are you currently taking injection drugs, you must get yourself screened in routine intervals, after consulting your doctor.

High Blood Cholesterol

You may not have even crossed the middle part of your life span and just have attained your 35 years of age, it is advised that get your blood cholesterol checked in a regular way.

Why to get checked for high cholesterol level?

Anyone with high level of cholesterol may become the victim of stroke, heart diseases and faulty blood circulation.


Blood cholesterol level needs to be checked when a person is at his 20th year and the person has the following conditions which are medically not healthy:

a) If the person is obese or has over weight?

b) If the person is from a family, where heart disease is heredity for the men the problem might have started at the time of 50s or for the women the problem might have started around 60s.

c) If the person is from a family, where diabetes or high blood pressure is hereditary problem?

d) Is the person a smoker?

e) If the person is from a family, where block arteries is a hereditary problem.

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