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First Holistic Healing Centre of its kind in the world. # Residential integrative medical centre with different Systems of Medicine and Complementary Therapies in a single facility # Detailed Comprehensive Holistic Health Evaluation and Individualised Treatment Programmes to treating the person


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Soukya Hospital


  • Contact Person: Dr. BM Chandra Shekar

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# Harikiran 2016-10-21
Which medicine can be taken as a general and side effect free blood tonic, and plz tell me the name of best homeopathy doctor in Bangalore
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# Jayesh 2016-10-22
'Blodovita of Hapro company and Hamerex tonic of New life company can be taken two spoons in half cup of water two times a day, homeopathy doctors are Homeopathic-doctor in Bangalore'
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# Lakshay 2016-10-19
Plz suggest a good hair vitaliser in homoeopathy and give me the list of best homeopath in Bangalore,
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# Aarush 2016-10-21
'Skulton hair vitaliser of Powell Company is a good Hair vitaliser and Scalp Tonic and for homeopath visit here Homeopathic-doctor in Bangalore'
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# Nishith 2016-10-18
plz suggest a good liver tonic of homoeopathy and suggest good homeopath in Bangalore
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# Himmat 2016-10-19
Jaundilla liver tonic of Medisynth Company can be taken two teaspoons two times a day , It improves digestion and is side effect free, find here best homeopathy doctors
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# Aarush 2016-10-15
Are medicines for bleeding and non bleeding piles different, I want homeopathic treatment for piles, suggest me best homeopaths in Bangalore
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# Vivaan 2016-10-16
yes, these are two different disorders of the GIT tract, so the midicines are also different, You can get best homeopath here
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0 # Bhupinder Older than three months
Dear Doctor,
Is there any 100% cure of HBV in your hospital through your expertised treatment by homeo as there someone in my family is diagnosed HBV positive. An early reply in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
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0 # mallikarjun bulla Older than three months
Sir I am from Gulbarga, suffering from psoriasis. I am not sure where shall I get remedies but most of doctors suggested for psoriasis homeopathic is ulimate treatment so if it is possible I can cure by ur hospital treatment I am eager to visit ur hospital. Please suggest me
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