best cancer hospital in india

Some years ago, cancer was considered an incurable disease, but now with the availability of the best cancer hospitals in India, this disease is completely curable. Earlier, once the disease is confirmed, ...


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Checkups on the basis of risk factors:

In general, whole Body check up on a yearly basis, which will have abdominal scan, blood tests, urine analysis, ECG and other tests. During these examinations any abnormalities found will be examined further, such that it will be possible to deduct cancer at a very early stage. For instance, in the case of women, breast cancer and ovarian cancer are common and this is why they are recommended to visit a gynecologist on a regular basis to check whether everything is fine with their health through breast and pelvic exam. Also, it is recommended that any abnormalities experienced should not be overlooked and it is better to consult a doctor to check whether everything is fine. Even though, most multi speciality hospitals has a division for providing the right treatment to cancer patients, there are the best cancer hospitals in India with the right kind of infrastructure for treating cancer patients. For instance, treatments like radiotherapy with the help of well-trained oncologists are given on the basis of the stage of cancer.