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dR arun
18 Jan, 2018

check lists for hospitals (sop)  a book required for health administrators

check lists for hospitals are standard operating procedures in short
essential for mha/ mba students and health administrators

is surgical safety checklist by who useful? checklists are mnemonic of sops (standard operating procedures) of a hospital. the biggest cause of serious error in any business is a failure of communication. [the checklist  manifesto - how to get things right by atul gawande]currently, hospitals do most of the right things, on most patients, most of the time. the checklist helps us do all the right things, on all patients, all the time. checklists should not be used as a replacement for common sense, was quoted by don parcher. checklists are very useful and improve communication between persons involved in carrying out a procedure. this book is a must for all healthcare providers, hospitals, nursing homes and standalone facilities.
develop checklists; get accredited.
see you at book fair chennai & new delhi

please click on link below to purchase the book or read more about the book

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23 Jul, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

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25 Jan, 2014

My dad (73 yrs) seeks treatment in ur Uro/Nephro dept after 24/3/14. Opreted prostrte in'11. Urination freq at day OK,niht 1-2 times (b4 ws 3-4 x). Uric acid b4 Sep(07),in Sep(2) wth Xyloric 2x2 , drug changed to Goutchek lead to Oct (9),Dec (8.5). Now pain in right knee,shifts to right elbow/heel often.Creatinine b4 Oct'13(2), in Oct(3), Dec(4.2). Is under diet control without proteins,non-veg,milk/milk pdts. Bld Urea, Oct(97), Nov(100),& Dec(112). Pls conf apointmnt undr specialst doc asap.

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