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06 May, 2018

worst experience with this hospital..can not even imagine how they people play game at the time of delivery.. we trust them but they just use us to make money. ofcourse baby n mother both d lives are important but d way they create drama for c-section is really which i never forget. their stragical techniques are they create fear amongst all. i don't want anyone to go for delivery there.

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20 Feb, 2018

waste of money...
no scheduling....
no system....
staff not helpful...
no timing for any thing....
patient crying but not response...
ask from nurse they are not also satisfied with system....
but only one thing here after every one hour supervisor come with you get a feedback..
if complained, he replied ok.
wo... duty change ho raha h na.....

not good environment......

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dR arun
18 Jan, 2018

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Rahul dua
01 Oct, 2017

3rd class hospital of east delhi poor staff and care less doctor no timing of dr duties no facilities available only they do experiment on patient without knowledge and experience

they are playing game with patient's life

request to you all kindly help me to stop this murder game by this worst hospital

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25 May, 2017

is this hospital good for cancer treatment?

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Rameshwar Singh
05 Sep, 2016

my mother admitted at your hospital for aprox one week, at room no 111, and about the service, it is too bad, if we called nurse, 3-4 times then she came, they dont know how to take blood from body, and in last, i told doctor for discharge my mother at 1 pm clock and we discharge from shantimukund at 10 pm, when i involve with your staff, and resolve their query, your services are too bad.

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16 Aug, 2014

sir/mam, i m a dentist,hav done BDS and practicing from the past 2 years n also looking for a good job...plz inform if you have the vacancy

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17 Aug, 2013

m a dentist(bds).if there is any vacancy,plz contact me at 9338159707.
Dr. jyoti arya

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15 Feb, 2012

Respected sir/Madam,

my Father was operated in ur hospital so i wanna know is it approved by govt. bcoz still my father's bill is his office.(govt). plz suggest me for the same...........

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05 Feb, 2012

sir ,
is this hospital is good for conducting chemotherapy . kindly suggest me sir..

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31 Jan, 2012

sir i had constipation from 3-4 year
my all medical report has been ok
I would like to know a doctor

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28 May, 2011

Sir, my father had a prostate cancer and advised radiotherapy. Is your hospital is ECHS panalled. Pl z inform.

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