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There are many good ENT hospitals in Vellore. Click on hospitals detail for each ENT hospital Details Vellore. In this page we have listed all the ENT Hospitals in Vellore. There are many ENT hospitals in Vellore. Find below list of ENT hospitals in Vellore.

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0 # Shreya 2016-12-27
I'm 16 years old and i am suffering from severe hearing loss on the right side. I'm not aware of what to do now? It would be helpful if you could please suggest me the best doctor in Vellore city
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# Archana 2016-12-10
While bathing some water had moved into my ears, what to do, should I visit to ENT specialist in Vellore?
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# Dr. Naresh 2016-12-11
'If water has entered in left ear, stand on only your left leg ,bend your head on left side and shake for few minutes, water will come out, similarly if u have problem in right side,do it, you can also visit best Ent-specialist in Vellore.'
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0 # Goutam Sahoo 2016-11-28
Dear Sir,
i am 35yrs old. facing problem in my both ear, they are always ringing, at night i feel loudly the ringing, i visit doctor's in kolkata they told no treatment in tinnitus. please suggest what i do? can i lost my hearing.

I would be very great full if you kindly see my case and give some opinion.

Thanking you
Goutam Sahoo
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0 # Sakshi Aj 2016-11-06

My sister is not able to speak and listen since childhood. She had fallen several times from bed when she was child. But sometimes she says maa word and also reacts om the sound of crackers. I am looking for good doctor from whom she can have better treatment. She is 18 yrs old now but there is not normal growth. Looking for your support.

Sakshi Ajay
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-1 # anuj aditya Older than three months
I am suffering from nasal problem plz guide which doctor is best for this
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+1 # Susmita Das Older than three months
I am suffering from a nasal problem from childhood in nose. But, this year it is so acute that, i consulted one ENT doctors in Applo hospital at Kolkata , West Bengal but doctor version is right nose is having 90% blockade and left nose partial. It needs immediate operation . But, I am not satisfied whether it will be life time cure and if there is any treatment through medicine instead of surgery. Please give your expert comments and if required i can mail u my reports also.
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-2 # Arnab Dey Older than three months

I am 35yrs old. facing problem in left ear. The doctor said due to nerve damage my hearing capacity become to lowest to lower. My left ear all ways ringing and for cold season my nose was blocked..

I would be very great full if you kindly see my case and give some opinion.

Waiting for your reply.

Warm Regards
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-1 # Manish Agarwal Older than three months
Hello sir, I have been suffering from moderate hearing loss in my left ear during 9 years and in right ear also from 5 years and consulted many specialists advised me for hearing aid but still I m unable to listen properly and also feeling problem in speaking Waiting for suitable reply Manish , barrackpur, wb
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-1 # kamal Older than three months
i have not clear and understandingmy ear so put hearing aidss
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ENT Treatment in Vellore

ENT, the abbreviation for ears, nose and throat is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis of ear, nose, throat as well as head and neck disorders. There are many ENT clinics in Vellore. There are good doctors in these ENT hospitals in Vellore, to give high quality treatment.

On this page you can see ENT hospital list in Vellore. You can find ENT hospital address, ENT hospital phone number etc… We have also provided best ENT hospitals in Vellore, from the whole ENT hospitals list in Vellore.

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