Best Gynecology Hospitals in Central Delhi, Women's Health Care 2017

Gynecology Hospitals in Central Delhi 2017

Doctors working in gynaecology hospitals in Central Delhi deal with the problems regarding reproductive system of females. Most of the gynaecologist in Central Delhi are obstetricians because they treat the problem pertaining pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period. There is certain best Gynaecology hospital in Central Delhi which provide the best treatment for severe diseases. Name of these gynaecology hospitals are , Jeewan Mala Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Almost all female specialist in Central Delhi suggest that women should prefer regular body check-up to prevent future problems. Females should choose the right doctor in women health care hospital of Central Delhi so that they could talk with them openly. In Central Delhi, mostly women prefer female gynaecologist for treatment.

Women's Health treatment in Central Delhi

Gynecologist in Central Delhi advised that women should never feel hesitant about getting their doubts regarding their reproductive health. The women’s doctor in Central Delhi will explain the right preventive actions for women to ensure their reproductive health. Apollo Hospitals - Delhi, Apollo Hospitals - Delhi come under the category of best women health care hospital in Central Delhi. Nowadays many new hospitals are opening in Central Delhi for the best treatment of females. Women contribute for the bright future of our country, hence gynaecology hospitals in Central Delhi are responsible for their health.

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0 # Payal 2017-02-14
Hello, I am from Central Delhi, please let me know Which imaging techniques will help me to find if there is ovarian cancer?
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0 # Dr. Naresh 2017-02-15
'CA 125 blood tests will detect ovarian cancer, you should consult with Gynecologist in Central-delhi.'
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0 # Pallavi 2017-02-11
I have the problem that less bleeding occurs during my menses, Plz suggest home remedy and also suggest gynecologist in Central Delhi.
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0 # Dr. Naresh 2017-02-12
'Eat heeng to avoid this problem, and you should consult with Gynecologist in Central-delhi.'
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0 # Rishika Older than three months
Can anything other than heeng be taken to increase menstrual bleeding ? my menses come just for 2 days, please suggest me best gynaec in Central Delhi.
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0 # Dr. Pooja Older than three months
'Mix 3 grams of ajwain in one glass hot milk and drink 2 times a day, you can also consult with Gynecologist in Central-delhi. '
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0 # Nishith Older than three months
Please tell me the best gynecologist in Central Delhi as I had taken hormone therapy for menses, While my menses became regular, i have started having many pimples on my skin , what could be the reason ,
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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
That may be due to distance of your hormones, After your menses have become regular, you can discontinue the therapy, for best gynec visit here
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0 # khalid Older than three months
Dear doctor (Gynecologist)
Good Time
38 year old woman presented with back & abdominal pain, the abdomen is mildly distended, she also has a history of abdominal myomectomy for removing fibroids 8 years ago (6 fibroids with different sizes 2cm - 7cm were removed). now abdominal ultra sound & MRI showing presence of multiple submucosal & intramural fibroids again. The patient insist to have a baby & she refused abdominal hysterectomy since she is recently married & there are no any other facilities here to remove such types of fibroids except hysterectomy (i.e hysteroscopic removal). Please kindly our questions are:
1/Does this type of operation can be done in your hospital & all fibroids can be removed successfully?
2/Does this type of operation will effect on fertility? i.e future pregnancy?
3/Price of operation?
*These are the latest & newest U/S & MRI reports:
U/S Report:
A/V bulky uterus lobular outline due to multiple intra and subserosal fibroids of varios sizes, the whole size more than 12cm * 9cm
Thin endometrium.
Normal size both Ov. with Rt.side two follicles, the larger one 24mm.
No pelvic free fluid.
MRI of the Pelvis:
A/V bulky uterus lobular outline, non homogenous T1 & T2 myometrium due to multiple intramural fibroids of variable sizes, One of them shows hemorrhagic changes at the Lt. fundal region.
Evidence of large sub mucosal fibroids invading & extending in to the endometrial canal starting from the fundal region down to lower uterine segment, size 21mm width and 73mm long.
A small cyst in the cervical canal is seen.
Normal both Ov. no pelvic free fluid. regards,,, patient from Iraq
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0 # Aminullah Older than three months
Hop you are fine and doing well .
This is Aminullah Sahel MVSc student from Afghanistan in CSK, HPKV, Palampur , India
I am to get your advise regarding my healthy porblem that is low sperm quality.
My sper was 10% active porgrasively with 20 milion/ml concentration andafter 3 months taking of medicen ( Tab. Paternia and Lycostar) its activity increased to 30% with 18 milion /ml concentraion and after 2.5 months with the same madicen there wase no changes in activities but the concentration was increased to 65 milion/ml , as per test.
I am asking about this , whether it is possible to be incresed that much the concentration of sperm which there is no any changes in other parameter with 2.5 month of madicen?
If it is possible then is this parameters are ok for natural fertilization or not ?
If it is not , then what shoud i do , please advise me.

Thank YOU
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