Star Hospitals, Hyderabad

Star Hospitals, Hyderabad

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STAR is Hospitals dedicated to providing the best in patient care, education, and scientific advancement. We bring together a dedicated team of expert physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of medical treatment. Our multidisciplinary care center offer patients comprehensive and state-of-the-art medical care with the best possible outcomes. Our full range of primary and specialty care services enables cross-specialty consultation, which assures outstanding treatment for each patient. Star Hospitals, strategically located at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, provides world-class medical facilities and personalized care within an infrastructure on par with the best available globally. Established by a team of well known medical specialists, the hospital is based on a dependable foundation of Empathy, translated into caring medical and nursing staff with a lifelong commitment to the alleviation of anguish.


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  • Contact Person: Mr.C.V.Rao

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0 # Vivaan 2018-03-13
Hello, I am from Hyderabad, plz tell me the symptoms of constipation, also suggest gastrologist
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0 # Dr. Pooja 2018-03-14
Hii, symptoms of constipation are Motions don't come regularly,difficulty and strain during the motion, get the list of Gastroenterologist in Hyderabad here
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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
What are the Food Supplements to prevent menstrual pain, Should I consult with gynecologist in Hyderabad
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0 # Dr. Pooja Older than three months
The food supplements like omega 3,vitamin D,Vitamin E, and magnesium can prevent menstrual colic pain, you can consult with Gynecologist in Hyderabad
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Harikiran Older than three months
Plz suggest a general biochemic for headache, Some times I suffer from unbearable headache, should I consult with neurologist in Hyderabad,
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0 # Aarush Older than three months
Hello, please suggest me best neuro doctor in Hyderabad, and What is Mongolism ,
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0 # Priyansh Older than three months
Mongolism is a genetic disorder, It cannot be cured fully but treatment can help survival, People with this disease have slow intellect, , growth and development, Please refer the link for neurologist
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0 # Himmat Older than three months
What do anesthesiologist doctors do, Can I meet with Anesthesiologist in Hyderabad,
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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
They help the entire safety of patients undergoing surgery, they manage pain relief, sedation and the entire process of surgery, you can meet with anesthesiologist
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0 # alakesh buragohain Older than three months
i want a psychiatric doctor appointment for my mother

can you detail me about timings, fees etc
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