Top Maternity Hospital in Delhi

Best maternity hospital in Delhi should be chosen when it comes to childbirth as it is something considered as a rebirth for each and every woman passing through this stage in their lives. Reports state that newborn and maternal care are the most common reasons for ho ...

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How to define the quality of maternity care?

When it comes to optimal maternity care, it is important to choose the best maternity hospital in Delhi that assures the following things:

Safety: The hospital should ensure the best safety to both mom and the baby and should provide the best support to the physiology of childbirth.

Women and family centered: The hospital should provide care on the basis of preferences, culture and values of the woman and her family, besides promoting optimal health results.

Timely: It is highly important that timely care should be given at the right time. The doctors should be highly aware of the time to start the course of labor and birth. As compared to convenience, the health of the mom and the baby should act as deciding factors.

Equality: More than anything else, it is highly important that the hospital should choose women from different financial and racial backgrounds as equal when they are admitted for delivery and for maternity care.

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