Neurology hospitals in India

There are many good Neurology hospitals in India. Click on hospitals detail for each Neurology hospital Details India. In this page we have listed all the Neurology Hospitals in India. There are many Neurology hospitals in India. Find below list of Neurology hospitals in India.

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0 # Seema 2016-09-22
hi i am swati..

i have pain in my left back lower pain.. when i stand only 15 min i have lot of pain it has very painful...but i sit down pain is fine how can i remove this or how can i treat
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0 # Prashant Gadge 2016-09-20
I have headache in my left side of brain. specially in morning. which type of doctor I should consult.
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0 # Shruti saxena 2016-08-23
Hello sir, i just want to know, Is really ayurveda helps to cure migraine. How please share the details.
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+1 # lalan puja Older than three months
I am Suffering from sleep disorders from last 2 years want the disease to get treated can you please suggest me the good neurologist in Chennai
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0 # Himanshu jhalani 2016-08-20
Hello Lalan
Please visit for the best neurologist in Chennai.
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-1 # srinivas Older than three months
Hi, the doctor has confirmed that my mother is suffering with arachnoiditis. He referred us to go to nimhans hospital in Bangalore or ganga hospital in Coimbatore. So, please guide me which one is the best hospital in neurology.
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0 # Raj Avhad Older than three months
My problems in brain
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0 # Soumya 2016-08-23
Hello Raj,
Top neurology hospitals have been mentioned above. You can select appointment option and then through their contact details can share you issue with them and will provide apt suggestion regarding the treatment.
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0 # Pradip Chatterjee Older than three months
Hello, i am Pradip,residing at Durgapur, W.B. My wife (aged about 27 yrs) have some problems in her fingers, and some sorts of constant moving pain in her hip, legs and backside. Also some times she feels some pressure in her chest. Kindly advise where am i to consult and also provide the name and contact number of any doctor..... Thanks
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0 # Sandhya Agarwal Older than three months
Hi. I am sandhya my father inlaw have a problem in his left hand his hand was shaking and not working well where I got for treatment which one is best and chip in cost.
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Top Neurology hospitals in India

All kinds of specializations are going around in these Neurology hospitals.  There are many Neurology clinics in India. Nowadays, many Neurology health care hospitals in India are being established day by day.  On this page you can see Neurology hospital list in India. We have also provided best Neurology hospitals in India, from the whole Neurology hospitals list in India. There are both private Neurology hospitals in India and public Neurology hospitals in India