Best Neurology Hospitals in Karnataka, Top Neuro Treatment 2018

Neurology Hospitals in Karnataka 2018

The best neurology hospitals in Karnataka treating disorders related to nervous system. The neurologists in Karnataka practice under two major divisions and they are central and peripheral nervous systems. In Karnataka, the best neurology hospitals take care of the brain and spinal cord in the central nervous system. Also, neuro hospitals in Karnataka address issues with the peripheral nervous system which include eyes, skin, ears and other sensory receptors. The doctors in Neurology Hospitals in Karnataka treat the disorders that affect brain, nerves such as headache disorder, infections of the brain, etc. Neurologist of Karnataka suggest that stay away from stress, to prevent brain diseases. Some best Neurology hospitals are like , Apollo BGS Hospital, Apollo Hospital - Bangalore.

Neurology Treatment in Karnataka

Almost all neurological disorders can be treated in the best Neurology hospitals in Karnataka. When it comes to treatment at neuro hospitals in Karnataka, the doctors with specialization in this field will be efficient in pain management. In addition, the best nervous system treatment center will treat epilepsy and other issues related to nervous system. The neurology hospitals in Karnataka will also take care of disorders affecting the spinal cord, and nerves system. Neurologists in Karnataka may also involve in clinical research, basic research, clinical trials. Before evaluating the nervous system of patients Neurology doctors in Karnataka, firstly interact with patient to know their medical history. AV Hospital - Bangalore, AV Hospital - Bangalore got the good reviews from patients.

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0 # Srinivas 2018-02-25
Hello sir I am Srinivas my daughter left hand not normal as right hand some one said birth injury & some one said erbs policy. we are tried and give physciotherapy treatment. What next because she is not able to life her hand above shoulder level. She is 9year old.
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0 # ajayakumar.N Older than three months
my son is 10 years old and he is smart and well in studies but from 4 years onwards he is shown the features of epilepsy and we consulted a doctor and according tohis advice we gave him medicines epilex chrono 250 later 600mg then 900 mg then now 1200 mg to subside it. still the sign op seizure takes place atleast twice in a month. In the begining we had taken the EEG and in between another EEG the second EEG shows no sign of epilepsy then the doctor reduced the mg; of medicine but after three months again seizure took place now he is consuming 1200mg epilex chrono but seizure is not stopped permanently what can I do please send me a reply
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0 # Krishna G Older than three months
Hello sir
My brother's son is 1year old
He is not able to do as a normal child
He can't carry, can't seat, he is not normal....
So need help form u...!
I m belongs to Bijapur dist Indi taluka
I need neurologist child specialist.....
Thank you sir
My brother no
Shivu golasar
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0 # dev sharma Older than three months
Hello sir, Please share best govt hospitals name from karnataka, which provide best treatment for brain tumor with least price. Thank you.
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0 # Krishna veni Older than three months
i want to get MRI brain epilepsy protocol and sleep deprive EEG. please suggest good centres near Belgaum.
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+1 # Panchanan Das Older than three months
Please inform me the name of Doctors of Neurology in the NIMHANS hospitals and details required for treatment of a outstation present referred req. by any nourologist etc.
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