Best Neurology Hospitals in Vellore, Top Neuro Treatment 2017

Neurology Hospitals in Vellore 2017

The best neurology hospitals in Vellore treating disorders related to nervous system. The neurologists in Vellore practice under two major divisions and they are central and peripheral nervous systems. In Vellore, the best neurology hospitals take care of the brain and spinal cord in the central nervous system. Also, neuro hospitals in Vellore address issues with the peripheral nervous system which include eyes, skin, ears and other sensory receptors. The doctors in Neurology Hospitals in Vellore treat the disorders that affect brain, nerves such as headache disorder, infections of the brain, etc. Neurologist of Vellore suggest that stay away from stress, to prevent brain diseases. Some best Neurology hospitals are like , Bethesda Hospital, Dr Thangamma Nursing and Paramedical College Hospital.

Neurology Treatment in Vellore

Almost all neurological disorders can be treated in the best Neurology hospitals in Vellore. When it comes to treatment at neuro hospitals in Vellore, the doctors with specialization in this field will be efficient in pain management. In addition, the best nervous system treatment center will treat epilepsy and other issues related to nervous system. The neurology hospitals in Vellore will also take care of disorders affecting the spinal cord, and nerves system. Neurologists in Vellore may also involve in clinical research, basic research, clinical trials. Before evaluating the nervous system of patients Neurology doctors in Vellore, firstly interact with patient to know their medical history. Christian Medical College, Christian Medical College got the good reviews from patients.

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0 # seetha lakshmi 2017-02-26
dear sir,
i have headache and eye pain since 5 years i take many treatments and scan but no use, pls help me.
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0 # Razzak Hossain Dolla 2017-02-26
Dear sir/madam,
My 5 years old boy can not speak but he can hear and most of the things he understand also. Please advice regarding his treatment. We are from Bangladesh.
Razzak Hossain, Dollar.
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0 # t p yadav 2017-02-25
my wife had brean pain and hand pain since 5 help me
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0 # t p yadav 2017-02-25
My wife have head pain and hand pain and some time swelling since 5 yerars pl advice for treatment
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0 # atish ranjan ponda 2017-02-23
my 10 month baby has been suffering ,caused by encephalopathy, witch has prescrived by apllo hospital kolkatta
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0 # IFTEKHAR AZAM 2017-02-07
My wife have a stroke after pregnancy. there is a hematoma in brain. Doctor suggest for DSA of brain. Please help what should I Do. Where DSA is Best in India. I am from Bangladesh.
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0 # Jharna Dutta 2017-02-02
My wife is suffering low back pain in last 6 month. She is under treatment in Bangur Institute of Neurosciences. Gabapentin dose not work. So she used Progabaline 75 & Methyclobal 1500 om. This medicine work but completely coure.
She is felling pain. Please help what should I Do.
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-1 # Nadeem 2016-12-20
Is there a treatment for multiple tuberculoma in brain
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0 # Nadeem 2016-12-20
Plz help me if there is a treatment for multiple brain
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0 # Suvro Chowdhury 2016-12-19
A boy aged 8yrs.He has problem Lack of memory,genetic problem most of family members suffering in it. That boy can't remember two or three letters word. Pronouncing problem, Type of Alzheimer's. He has no IQ (intelligence quotient). But everything is normal, no sign of abnormality. He can't remember any small thing mainly in studying. Plz give me proper guidance so that he will be cure.
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