Best Orthopedic Hospitals in Bangalore

Orthopedic Hospitals in Bangalore provides top class facility to the patients suffering from bone and joint related issues. The disorders treated in Bangalore includes muscle, tendon, ligament and nerves injuries. The majority of patients prefer Bangalore for joint replacement, Arthritis and Lower back pain treatment. The surgeries and treatments executed in Bangalore are equipped with latest technology. Bangalore is well-known for its skilled Therapists, Surgeons and Physiotherapists. Magnificent opinions have been given by the patients regarding the treatment facility offered in Bangalore. Even Bangalore comes under a recommended destination by top expertise of our nation. There are many orthopaedic hospitals which are given below like , Chinmaya Mission Hospital.

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0 # sheenu k 2016-08-01
hello sir,
I had surgery in my leg few days back. Please suggest which type woh precaution sdhould does.
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0 # Himanshu jhalani 2016-08-12
Hello Sir Please visit for your query
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0 # Kalyan Roy Older than three months
My aunti is ill since 04 years with pain. She feels heavy pain in waist, leg and sometimes it shifts to other places. We have visited many doctors at Cooch Behar, West Bengal. But treatment was ultimately cured her. At the time of winter it becomes too much painful. We are going to Bangalore. Please tell me which doctor and hospital/nursing home is good and cheaper for treatment. Kalyan Roy, Cooch Behar
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0 # Pavan G Paidal Older than three months
My grand father is 80 yr old n he fell down from the bed n he us not able to walk.we have taken x-ray of his legs n back joint x-ray report says he has facture on his back.can u suggest the best hospital
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+1 # suman Older than three months
I m 60y. Suggest me a best hospital for total hip replacement[left] surgery ,in bangalore ..
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0 # Girish Puranik Older than three months
I am 33 years old. I am having my right leg knee pain. I showed my dr. He given me calcium tablet and he suggest me to put knee cap. Am asking is there any other solution for it
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+1 # Shiv Older than three months
I m 29 I ve become a drug addict that i m taking capsule called spasmo-proxyvon for last 2 years. from last few months i m feeling that my right leg and my right arm getting weak and some kind of pain on joint. i m very scare n worry about it. i m trying to quit taking capsule called spasmo proxyvon but slowly.
please help.. and also suggest me medical treatment. please.
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0 # N Pradeep Kumar Older than three months

My sister, age-28 yrs, has undergone surgery in her both legs twice, since from her childhood she was unable to stand or walk without any support. Presently also she is not able to stand or walk without any support. This is my sincere request to you that kindly suggest me solution for this so she can stand and walk.

Thanking you

N Pradeep Kumar
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-1 # Viijayakumar Older than three months
My afther is aged 90 years. His left leg has bent(curved below knee near shin) . Thee kne portion and shin are swollen. He used to walk with the help of walking stick, now he finds it very difficult to move and also finds it difficult while sitting and getting up. few times he lost balance and fell down. can you guide what is the treatment available and where?
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+1 # GIRISH Older than three months
I am 43, I had partial rotater cuff tera in my right shoulder,treatment from all fields of medicine , no relif
please suggest
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Orthopaedic Treatment in Bangalore

Certain hospitals are popular in Bangalore for treatment of sport injuries. Medical center like Agadi Hospital is one of the preferred hospital by athletes. Specialists in Bangalore focus on their early recovery through some specific procedures. Bangalore is one of the chosen places for orthopaedic medication. Not only localities but outsiders too have shown their interest for getting expert reviews in Bangalore. The outcomes are satisfiable and patients have given excellent reviews about hospitals in Bangalore.