Private Hospitals in India

Private hospitals in India are a health care institution providing treatment with specialized doctors and equipment used in treatment. The hospital which has an emergency department is very well known as the general hospital. A private district hospital typically contains health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for all intensive care and long-term care of the patient. The specialized private hospital includes trauma centers, hospitals of rehabilitation, children's hospitals and hospitals which are dealing with specific medical needs of the patient such as psychiatric problems and certain disease categories in the patient.

Specialized private hospitals can help to reduce health care costs as compared to general hospitals in India. These hospitals have the range of departments such as surgery care unit, cardiology, emergency care, ICU, chronic treatment unit, radiology, pathology, etc. Today private hospitals are largely staffed by professional doctors like the physician, surgeons, and nurses. Top private hospitals in India include Apollo Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, EHCC, etc.

Types of Private Hospitals in India:

Many people don’t know about types of private hospitals. Private hospitals in India divided by types of facilities provided by them. Major types of private hospitals in India are-

 General Hospital- The best and very well known hospital is the general hospital, which is dealing with many kinds of disease and injuries and general hospitals normally have an emergency department for immediate and urgent threats to health. The general hospital is varying with its size and facilities.

 District Hospital- District hospital basically means for major health care facilities in a particular region with intensive care unit and large no. of beds are available for the patient. In India, states are divided into districts, so every district has a big private district hospital for large no. of the patient.

 Specialized Hospital- Specialized hospital means the hospital which has specialized department for specific treatment like trauma centers, children’s care unit, gastroenterology, surgical unit, eye care, radiology, etc. Specialized department in a hospital used for the particular disease like cardiac, orthopedic, oncology, etc. specialized hospital may be contain no. of building for different departments. Some hospitals are affiliated with universities for medical research and training for medical students.

 Teaching Hospital- In India teaching hospital basically combines assistance to people by providing medical treatment with education to medical students and nurses and which is the direct connection with the nursing school or universities. In India after a particular study about nursing students having training under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Private Hospitals in India vs. Public Hospitals in India

  • Public hospitals in India are run and controlled by the government, so they are very low cost and easily affordable to the general public.
  • Private hospitals in India are privately owned so they are cost-effective but provide quality treatment.
  • Public hospitals provide free medicine to their patient, so it is easy for poor people for their overall treatment.
  • Private hospitals are not provided any free of cost medicine, so treatment in private hospitals is costlier than in public hospital.
  • Cleanliness environment of private hospitals is better than public hospitals.
  • Various other services also provided free of cost to the patient in public hospitals, but private hospitals do not indulge in any kind of free of cost facilities.
  • No. of patient per doctor is higher in public hospitals as compared to public hospitals.
  • The patient feels safer and secured in Private Hospitals because individual attention is given to every patient.

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