Private Hospital in Delhi

Private Hospitals In Delhi

Confusion in choosing one of the top private hospitals in Delhi and government hospital not just exist among domestic patients, but many medical tourists are also not certain when it comes to some medical needs. Even though, it is true that the services offered by both government and private hospitals share some similarities, there are some key differences as well that sets private hospitals apart from that of government hospitals. For instance, the infrastructural facilities in Fortis Hospital Delhi cannot be compared to that of a public hospital in the city. But, private hospitals cannot handle some medical emergencies like accidents immediately like that of government hospitals. Even though, it is true that both have some benefits and both have some drawbacks, the verdict is that private hospitals provide better treatment, but the cost is huge. So, individuals, who can afford are taking the help of public hospitals.

Why choose private hospitals?

If you still have a doubt as to whether you should choose private hospitals in Delhi for your treatment or get the help of a public hospital, here are some reasons why private hospitals can be the better option. The first and foremost aspect is that private hospitals are better equipped with the latest devices as compared to government-operated hospitals. In addition, with lesser crowd due to higher cost in private hospitals, it will be possible to get individual care for patients. Whereas with affordability, many patients get the help of government hospitals, where the crowd will be more and so it will not be possible to get individual attention. In the present circumstances, many communicable diseases are spreading because of improper hygiene. In the case of private hospitals, you can expect complete hygiene as compared to that of public ones. Besides these things, private hospitals like Apollo Hospital Delhi are provided with CCTV surveillance and so better safety is assured.

How about government hospitals?

It cannot be stated that all government hospitals in Delhi are not good, there are some government hospitals like the RMLHospital Delhi, that provide service similar to that of top private hospitals in Delhi. This central government operated hospital was formerly called as Wellingdon Hospital. As the former name implies, it was established during the British Rule in India and it is presently being funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of India. It has an emergency wing and also OPD & Special clinic for providing the best care to outpatients. But, if you are specific about getting treatment from a private hospital, you can choose Batra Hospital Delhi as well. Of course, this is not the only hospital functioning under private ownership in Delhi and the city has many other hospitals as well to provide the best care and compassion to the patients. So, the choice is all yours when it comes to selection between private and government hospitals.

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