Best Psychiatric Hospitals, Clinics in Cuttack, Treatment 2017

Psychiatric Hospitals in Cuttack 2017

Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack deal with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of emotional, behavioural and mental disorder. Psychiatrist in Cuttack are qualified to assess both the physical and mental aspects of psychological problems. Nowadays many people visit psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack because they became serious for their mental health. Mental health is as much important as physical health, stated by the specialist of Cuttack. According to the psychiatrist in Cuttack, taking more stress may be the reason of mental disorder, get rid of it. Mental health specialist in Cuttack provide various treatment like psychotherapy, psychosocial intervention, medication, etc. Best psychiatric hospitals are like , Ashwini Hospital, Shanti Hospital and Research Centre.
  • Ashwini Hospital

    Type: Private
  • Shanti Hospital and Research Centre

    Type: Private
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Psychiatric Clinics in Cuttack

People in Cuttack need psychiatric help for many reasons may be more long-term, such as feelings of sadness, anxiousness causing everyday life to feel distorted. These all problems can be treated by doctors of Psychiatric hospitals in Cuttack. Due to taking drugs and alcohol mental health can be distorted, said by the psychiatrist of Cuttack. Mental hospitals in Cuttack have good facilities as well as best doctors for patient’s treatment.

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0 # Shubh Older than three months
I have some psycological problems. And want an appointment. So please provide the phone number of the clinic.
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+1 # bandadhara Older than three months
there is one gud hospital in bhubanesar d33 bjb nagar bhubaneswar
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0 # nagesh Older than three months
my mother suffering from syzhophernia from her childhood.she is been diagonized for this disease frrom last 30 yrsbut no result.
she says she is been hearing voices,unable to do basic thingsof her daily life,needs assistance, facing problems every day.
plz help us as we are notgetting any resolution from this situation...............
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-2 # Suchismita Sahoo Older than three months
I want to know more about psychiatric hospital and whether there are any scope for M.A. psychology students..
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0 # Dr.D Older than three months
i want the address of therapis
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+1 # kali prasad mishra Older than three months
My father doubt on my mother .My father is mental patient he was getting shock treatment at the age of 30 from doctor Bimbadhar Dash .But now a days this mental dis order going more and more.Give me a suggestion.Is he correct in hypnotism.
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+1 # Pretty Flower Older than three months
@ Kali,

Please take your father to

Mental Health Institute,
S. C.B. Medical College Hospital,
CUTTACK- 753071
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-2 # lalatendu pattanaik Older than three months
my uncle is suffering from schizophrenia since 12 years.his doctor expired since 2 he is out of mediaction is given now.where can i get him admitted ?is there any chance of complete recovery?plz advise and also give ur contact num.plz hwelp
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0 # manisha Older than three months
what is nlp treatment.
can any psychaitrist properly do it?
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