Best Psychiatric Hospitals, Clinics in Pune, Treatment 2017

Psychiatric Hospitals in Pune 2017

Psychiatric hospitals in Pune deal with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of emotional, behavioural and mental disorder. Psychiatrist in Pune are qualified to assess both the physical and mental aspects of psychological problems. Nowadays many people visit psychiatric hospitals in Pune because they became serious for their mental health. Mental health is as much important as physical health, stated by the specialist of Pune. According to the psychiatrist in Pune, taking more stress may be the reason of mental disorder, get rid of it. Mental health specialist in Pune provide various treatment like psychotherapy, psychosocial intervention, medication, etc. Best psychiatric hospitals are like , Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Dhanvantari Hospital and ICU.

Psychiatric Clinics in Pune

People in Pune need psychiatric help for many reasons may be more long-term, such as feelings of sadness, anxiousness causing everyday life to feel distorted. These all problems can be treated by doctors of Psychiatric hospitals in Pune. Due to taking drugs and alcohol mental health can be distorted, said by the psychiatrist of Pune. Mental hospitals in Pune have good facilities as well as best doctors for patient’s treatment. Some Psychiatric hospitals have good reviews by patients are like Dhanwantri Hospital, Gupte Hospital.

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0 # Simran Shaikh 2017-07-19
Hi i have completed by BA and doing my MA in clinical psychology after completing my MA can we work as a counsellor in hospital
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0 # A.N.BHAMARE Older than three months
my mother is suffering from DEMANTIA, please sent some address of GOVT . hospitalswith hosipitalition facility at low price my brother is residing at KESHWANAGER MUNDWA PUNE.
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0 # amruta Older than three months
hi my name is amruta ... my mother is mentally unstable.. & im a student i cant stay with her because i have 2 study plzz help mi & suggest hospital
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-1 # deepa shinde Older than three months
Hi ,my brother is suffering from mental case.pls send me some as address for good treatment and in low price...
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+1 # karen Older than three months
Hi I am looking for my daughter she was living at Koregoan Park in Pune she may be in a mental hospital in Pune we have been looking for her for over a month she has a 2 year old son. Her name is Jaime Fernando, Jaime is an American with fair skin and hazel eyes and brownish hair.
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+2 # raj Older than three months
Hye i am desperately looking for a psycatric hosptal very badly cause my cousion bro is lost control of his mind and everybody inthe house scared of him pls i request all of you sugest me good hospital
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0 # Soumya Older than three months
Hello Raj,
You can select appointment option in front any of the top Psychiatric Hospitals mentioned above. From there through the available contact details you can explain your issue and they will guide you regarding suitable treatment.
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+1 # Javed Older than three months

I have a friend that was committed to a mental institution in Pune. I have been trying to find out where he is, but have not been successful using phone numbers that I found on the internet. Can anyone offer any phone numbers, contacts, or advice? I am not from the area.
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+1 # sandhya more Older than three months
A very good morning
Hi i am sandhya More, completed MA psychology. Having a experience of 2 and 1/2 yrs. Looking for a job.
If there is any vacancy please do contact me.
Tel no- 8956559840
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-1 # sandhya more Older than three months
A very good morning

I am sandhya more, completed MA psychology. having an experience of 2 and 1/2 yrs. Looking for a job. please do call. Ph no. 8956559840
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-1 # Pretty Flower Older than three months
@ Sandhya

This is just a portal for Hospital Information
Jobs are not listed here
Find jobs in major job portals
You can also contact hospitals through phone
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