Psychiatric hospitals in Thane

There are many good Psychiatric hospitals in Thane. Click on hospitals detail for each Psychiatric hospital Details Thane. In this page we have listed all the Psychiatric Hospitals in Thane. There are many Psychiatric hospitals in Thane. Find below list of Psychiatric hospitals in Thane.

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0 # deepak bhagwat Older than three months
My brouthers daughtour 19 years old she have habbit of cigaret smoking and drinkig wine and 24 hours mobile masseges shairing with unknown person so we are all family member suffering tension plz sugest what we do
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+2 # tanvi kashif khan Older than three months
pls help me my relatives have a daughter who is mentally ill she is just 7yrs old but they are not ready to take her to doctor pls guide some doctors for children who mentally challenged or else is there any other method that i can complain against the parents who are not taking her to doctor iwant to help her ,plllls help me to help her
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0 # priyanka Older than three months
my uncle is mentaly retarded person. my family has no money to give him medical treatment.. please suggest me any mental hospitals/ assylum where treatment should be given at cheapest cost. we need assylum where petients will admitted for the restof there life with lower cost.
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+1 # tanvi Older than three months
please give me the list of Psychiatric hospitals in Thane
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Top Psychiatric hospitals in Thane

All kinds of specializations are going around in these Psychiatric hospitals.  There are many Psychiatric clinics in Thane. Nowadays, many Psychiatric health care hospitals in Thane are being established day by day.  There are good doctors in these Psychiatric hospitals in Thane, to give high quality treatment.  These Psychiatric hospitals are also called as mental hospitals.

On this page you can see Psychiatric hospital list in Thane.