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Rheumatology hospitals West Bengal

There are many good Rheumatology hospitals in West Bengal. Click on hospitals detail for each Rheumatology hospital Details West Ben ...


Top Rheumatology hospitals West Bengal

All kinds of specializations are going around in these Rheumatology hospitals.  There are many Rheumatology clinics in West Bengal. Nowadays, many Rheumatology health care hospitals in West Bengal are being established day by day.  There are good doctors in these Rheumatology hospitals in West Bengal, to give high quality treatment. On this page you can see Rheumatology hospital list in West Bengal. You can find Rheumatology hospital address, Rheumatology hospital phone number etc… We have also provided best Rheumatology hospitals in West Bengal, from the whole Rheumatology hospitals list in West Bengal.

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I am Dr.Kabir, I Am a Bangladeshi ,My younger daughter Age of 8years + has been Suffering from JIRA . I got advice from famous rheumatologist "s of Bangladesh . But her condition is not improve.I am a physician But My discipline is dermatology .Our Specialist given her only NSAID. or steroid.they didn't try any DMARD or TNF. Now she in severe condition. I want to Take advice from renown Rheumatologist of INDIA .Pl tell me a good way to contact a famous Reumatologist.
asked on 13 May, 2012

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