Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital, Thrissur

Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital, Thrissur

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  • Cardiology
  • Children
  • Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
  • Dental
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Opthalmology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Psychiatric
  • Radiology


  • : Hospital
  • : Allopathy
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  • : 24 Hours


Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital, Thrissur is located opposite Church in Olarikkara at Thrissur. The hospital is shortly referred to as CAM and it has round-the-clock ambulance service. This hospital has doctors practicing under multiple specializations like pulmonology, nephrology, diabetology, neurology, ENT, etc. The hospital has facilities for cosmetic surgery, all regular general & thoracic surgeries, and ENT surgeries. In addition, surgeries for orthopedics, cataract, endoscopic nasal, and laparoscopic surgeries are also conducted. The other facilities include full-fledged lab, NICU, ICU unit, ultrasound scan and computerized X-Ray. The superintendent of the hospital is Dr. M. Chandrasekharan, who is a medical doctor. The orthopedic surgeon is Dr. K.R. Sreenath and Dr. John Williams is the ophthalmic surgeon. The founder of this hospital is Late V.N. Nair, who established this hospital three decades before. The hospital began its journey as a clinic and now it is multi-specialized with many doctors. You may check or write the reviews of Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital over here.


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Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital


  • Contact Person: Mr. Avinash Menon

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0 # gopikrishnan Older than three months
hello, my daughter is 21 and was treated for MDD (major depression disorder) a year ago. She is quite normal
but at times becomes moody and silent probing the mobile. at times when engaged in arguments or disapprove of any of her wish she becomes violent and frennzy. she uses all sot of verbal abuses and strike her parents with her hand and throws things and goes into a tantamonium of frustration, Can you suggest a solution/treatment to save he. She has passed her engineering degree with 80% marks.
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# Nishith Older than three months
I am from Thrissur, plz tell me What are the effects of calcium deficiency, can yuo plz suggest orthopedician as I have problems in bones
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# Dr. Pooja Older than three months
There is pain in joints ,difficulty in moving them and also teeth problems like crumbling of teeth Orthopedician in Thrissur
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0 # Jaseena Older than three months
I want to see Dr.Sreenath.
Can i see tomorrow(19/08/2016)
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-1 # hari Older than three months
please give me cost details for gynaecomastia sugery....
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0 # Soumya Older than three months
Hello Hari,
You can take information regarding it through the contact details mentioned above. You will get all minute details regarding the surgery.
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0 # sajini Older than three months
pls give the details of cosmetic surgery(rate and etc}
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