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Kasturba Hospital, Manipal was established as a teaching hospital for practical education to students of KMC. KMC stands for Kasturba Medical College, which is located in Manipal. This college was established in the year 1953 and after 7 years, the hospital was established. The hospital actually came into full-fledged operation in the year 1961 with just 150 beds. Now, there are more than 2000 beds in the hospital to provide the best care. In addition, the hospital is provided with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treating departments. These departments have doctors to handle a wide range of medical and surgical procedures. The hospital can handle advanced surgeries like open heart surgery and coronary bypass. You may check or write the reviews of Kasturba Hospital - Manipal over here.


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Kasturba Hospital - Manipal

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# Aayush 2016-12-10
Plz let me know What are the reason of Constipation, also suggest gastroenterologist in Udupi
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0 # vineetha 2016-10-26
plzz suggest best neurosergeon in kmc hospital manippal
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# Harikiran 2016-10-22
What is RF factor, What is it indicative of, I would like to know the best rheumatologist of Udupi
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-1 # Harikiran 2016-10-21
I would like to know the best rhematology specialist in Udupi, tell me which medicines in homoeopathy are good calcium supplements,
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# Himmat 2016-10-22
'calcarea phos and calcarea flour are good supplements and should be taken by a physician advice only, you can find specialist here Rheumatologist in Udupi'
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# Himmat 2016-10-19
I am not able to move my arms, can it be frozen shoulder disease, Should I consult with rheumatologist in Udupi
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# Lakshay 2016-10-21
'Yes , it can be afrozen shoulder or stiffnes, Do regular exercise and massage your shoulders with a medicated oil, Take medicines also and consult with specialist listed here Rheumatologist in Udupi'
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# Nishith 2016-10-17
plz suggest a home remedy against viral fever and malaria and plz share the list of good immunologist in Udupi
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# Vivaan 2016-10-18
Roast some common salt on kitchen tawa for 2 minutes , Also roast some ajwain in the same way , Make sure it does not get burnt, Now add the two in a glass of water and squeeze a lemon in the glas, Drink this, Get the list here doctors.hospitalkhoj.com/.../udupi
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