Urology Hospitals in Vellore

Urology hospitals in Vellore are specialized in treating issues related to male and female urinary tract system. Not just urinary tract in both sex, urology hospitals in Vellore are specialized in addressing problems related to the reproductive organ in men. Urologist in Vellore treat the diseases affecting kidneys, urethra, adrenal glands and bladder. In Vellore, the best urology hospitals also offer surgical solutions. Urology hospitals are available in all over India but here you can find hospitals in Vellore. Some urology hospitals provide best treatment are like , Apollo KH Hospital. Urology Specialist in Vellore require knowledge of other specialities like gynecology due to wide variety of problems they deal with.

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0 # Aarav 2016-10-22
what does increased pus cells in urine indicate, I would like to know the best urologist in Vellore
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0 # Dr. Naresh 2016-10-23
It represents infections that can be in your urinary tract, Get the best urologist here {link}
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0 # dev sharma 2016-08-19
Hello sir, My mother having problem in urine. She don't feel about urine and pee anywhere, she dont awre about this. Some times feel very shame. Please suggest best doctor for her.
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0 # nishant 2016-08-20
Dear Dev
Please visit the below link which contains the detail regarding best gynecology hospital in india
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0 # nabamita saha Older than three months
My sister (25) has problem in passing urine normally, i.e. she is not able to empty her bladder completely. She has got cystoscopy and urethral dilatation done but still the problem persists. Doctors have diagnosed her with some kind of neurogenic bladder .But now she is unable to pass urine at all as a result she is having acute body ache. Please suggest the best hospital for this
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+1 # joydeb ghosh Older than three months
sir i am a patient of high grade cercinoma in ctu
bloder 2nd TURBT operation has been done .
the urinary blodder can be repleced ? if yes what is the disadvantage.
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0 # Bablu Soni Older than three months
my nephew is 12 years old..she is suffering from urine disorder
from last 8 year....she get infection in uterus..no of antibiotic had been used but still there is no sign of curing of up diseases...the doctors cannot also...diagnose the problem...please suggest me the best doctor from vellore...
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+1 # Soumitra Ghosh Older than three months
Need suggestion for good hospital in Vellore or nearby area specializing in Urology. Other than CMC.
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0 # Amrita Biswas Older than three months
My father is 64 years old and has recently undergone prostate operation (Aug 2010). But his urine flow detoriated within one month of the operation. He had to do siestoscopy and dialysis regularly as he continuously complained of less urine flow and weakness. He consulted doctors and after conducting few tests, it seems he has a stricture. Doctors suggested him to go for a micro surgery or grafting but they said he may not be fully cured and might have to continue with dialysis. Please suggest the best hospital or place to for Male urology treatment in Vellore, Chennai.
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UTI treatment in Vellore

Vellore is one of the good place for urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment. When it comes to urology treatment, men with infertility issues can also seek the help of the best urology clinics in Vellore. To treat cancers in the bladder, there can be a separate department called urological oncology in the best urology hospitals in Vellore. Hospitals in Vellore will select the right treatment for a patient, depending on his age and condition. Patient in Vellore show their satisfaction by giving good reviews to the hospital. Urology hospitals having good reviews are like Christian Medical College.