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SevenHills Hospital had been set up almost two decades back with the aim to provide quality healthcare to the people in Visakhapatnam and its adjoining areas. Visakhapatnam is a beautiful city located on coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is not only a major port on the East Coast of India for both merchant and Indian Navy, but also a major industrial centre. Visakhapatnam is rich in natural beauty with its pristine long stretched beaches and green hilly terrain, and charms anyone who comes to visit with its simplicity. SevenHills Hospital is situated on a panoramic hillock called Rockdale Layout in the heart of the city very accessible from the airport and railway station. It is a healthcare landmark and a household name for quality healthcare to more than 50 million people across six states - Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chattisgarh Jharkhand, and parts of West Bengal and Bihar. SevenHills Hospital was set up with a holistic approach towards patient care based on ethics, quality care and professionalism backed by competitive prices. It prides itself on quality in terms of design, patient care, 60 specialists, 600 paramedical and general staff and unmatched international quality infrastructure facilities.


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  • Contact Person: Mr.G.Radhakrishnan

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0 # Aayush 2016-10-22
Hello, can you please share the list of cancer specialists in Visakhapatnam, Which foods prevent cancer,
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0 # Priyansh 2016-10-21
plz suggest home remedy for diabetes, I am suffering from diabetes and provide me the list of diabetic specialists in Visakhapatnam
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0 # Tushar 2016-10-22
'Grind jamun seeds, Mix powdered jamun seeds with dry amla powder, Eat two teaspoons with water everyday, Get the list of doctors here Endocrinologist in Visakhapatnam'
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0 # Nishith 2016-10-19
Which are the most common cancer, Also give me the list of best cancer specialists in Visakhapatnam
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0 # Aayush 2016-10-21
'The most common cancers are breast cancer, thyroid, prostate, colon cancer, blood , kidney and oral cancer, You can get list here Oncologist in Visakhapatnam'
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0 # Lakshay 2016-10-18
what things promote cancer, how can prevent cancer, tell me the best oncologist in Visakhapatnam
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0 # Tushar 2016-10-19
Radiations, excess UV rays of sun, cigarettes, alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cancers for more details you can consult with oncologist, name are given here
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0 # Aayush 2016-10-17
What do anesthesiologist doctors do, Can I meet with Anesthesiologist in Visakhapatnam,
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0 # Aarav 2016-10-18
They help the entire safety of patients undergoing surgery, they manage pain relief, sedation and the entire process of surgery, you can meet with anesthesiologist
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