Mahindru Hospital, West Delhi

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Known for their expert Emergency services, this nursing home is well staffed and well equipped. This is a state of the art nursing home and medical centre in the heart of south Delhi. They have all the amenities of a small hospital; the OPD houses some of the best doctors in the city and is operational in the mornings and evenings from Monday Saturday. The hospital also has 2 fully equipped operation theatres equipped with the most modern technology. Their super specialities include cardiac care and Emergency services.


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Mahindru Hospital


  • Contact Person: Mr.Gagan

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# Himmat 2016-10-22
Hello, I am suffering from leucorrhoea, want to consult with best gynecologist in West Delhi, Tell me what are the reasons for leucorrhoea in women,
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# Himmat 2016-10-21
Hii, Let me know the best maternity doctor in West Delhi and please tell me Which home remedies may help in increasing breast milk in lactating mothers,
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# Aarush 2016-10-22
'A teaspoon of cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds two times a day with a glass of water is said to increase milk production, Carrots, beetroots and alfalfa also increase milk production, you can get here the best doctor Obstetrician in West-delhi'
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# Harikiran 2016-10-18
Hii, let me know the best maternity doctors in West Delhi, What are the precautions during pregnancy,
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# Aayush 2016-10-19
Avoid tobacco, caffeine, alcohol in all stages of pregnancy, Avoid too much travelling in the third trimester of pregnancy, Take healthy diet , stay hydrated, and go for regular check ups, Get the list of specialist here
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# Lakshay 2016-10-17
Hello, please share the list of gynec in West Delhi and also tell me, What is PCOS,
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# Nishith 2016-10-18
It means Polycystic ovarian disease, it occurs in the ovary of females, Patients suffering from it may have irregular menses, infertility, musculine changes in body like overgrowth of facial hair, This could be due to irregular disbalance of hormones, Get the list here
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# Vaibhav 2016-10-14
Hii, My wife is pregnant, suggest me best maternity doctor in West Delhi, and also tell me, Is yoga beneficial during pregnancy,
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# Vivaan 2016-10-15
Yes few exercises and meditations in the presence of a yoga expert is beneficial, It is called prenatal yoga, For best maternity doctor refer this link
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