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Cayenne Pepper Benefits

Cayenne pepper benefits are plenty in number. This can be understood from the fact that it is used along with other herbs for medicinal purposes by herbalists. Not just herbalists, but even pharma companies use them as ingredients in certain medications. Let us explore the health benefits of cayenne pepper:

For Pain Relief

Capsaicin is an active ingredient in cayenne pepper. This is known to have pain-relieving properties. It was found that the application of the cream with capsaicin as an ingredient reduces the post-surgical neuropathic pain in cancer survivors.

Further, this substance in red pepper is known to reduce the amount of substance P, which is a chemical which carries the pain messages to the brain. When there is a reduction in the substance P, fewer pain messages will reach the brain. This, in turn, reduces the pain sensation in patients.

Even, reports state that ointments and creams that contain a purified form of capsaicin reduce the tenderness in osteoarthritis patients.

For Weight Loss

Many products that contain chilli pepper as an important ingredient claim to boost the rate of metabolism. By doing so, they claim to bring the intended weight loss benefits to users. However, this is not agreed by scientific studies.

From a study conducted by the researchers at Purdue University, they found that this spice will increase body temperature slightly when consumed. They say that this, in turn, may help with burning calories.

Another study showed that people, who have consumed hot pepper has experienced a modest reduction in their appetite. From another study, it was found that people consuming this pepper with their food were able to burn additional ten calories in 4 hours after food consumption as compared to individuals, who completed their meal without cayenne.

So, the red chilli benefits concerning weight loss are not well documented yet.

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