Garlic: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, Remedies




Garlic can be practised as medicine, food, aphrodisiac. Garlic in the past was used as protection for old residents from disaster, provided power and spirit to Greek players and soldiers. People in previous use garlic pendants as to protect from a horn of a bull, keep away the black plague.


Garlic is considered to be a resident of Center Asia, South Asia or Southwestern Siberia.  There is some discussion over the source of this herb. It is one of the world’s first cultivated crops.  Garlic fans took the bitter herb into Egypt, India, Pakistan and China.

The Crusaders returned garlic to Europe. Following French, Spanish and Portuguese settlers founded garlic into the Americas. The name garlic comes of garlic, an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning "spear leek." Global there are over 2.5 million acres in garlic farming! That's a lot of garlic!

Garlic is also known as:

  • Aged Garlic Extract,
  • C Clove Garlic
  • Da Suan
  • Lahsun
  • Spanish Garlic,
  • Stinking Rose,
  • Suan, Vitlok, Thom.


  • Spring is the most appropriate season for Garlic saplings. Fall seeding is considered best for the gardeners as the bulb of the plant are bigger and more flavoursome when you collect the next summer.
  • Plantation of Garlic in Southern area is best in February or March. It is better to plant the garlic 6-8 weeks ago the drop date.
  • Hold the papery husk on every clove.
  • It is suggested not to plant the clove from Grocery Store. The local nursery is more preferred for planting the seeds.
  • Select a dry/sunny spot for plantation
  • Cloves must be put 4inches apart and 2 inches below in standing position.
  • Shoots will emerge as the warm day begin to arrive.


  • Most usually used a portion of the plant is the garlic bulb, it is composed of 8-20 individual, teardrop moulded cloves surrounded in a white paper-like skin.
  • It is an outstanding source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).
  • It is also a very great source of selenium and vitamin C, manganese. Garlic is a good origin of different minerals, including calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron and copper.

A 100g Garlic Gives:

  • 149 calories    
  • 6.4g protein      
  • 33.1g carbohydrates  
  • 0.5g fat  
  • 2.1g fibre

Raw Garlic Could Help Cure Lung Infection. Garlic is mostly available in all kitchens. Besides providing good taste to your food, It also provides many health benefits and nutrition. Garlic contains sulphur, Allicin which is found as chewed or crushed garlic has antifungal, antibacterial agents. It is believed that Garlic also has some anticancer agents. It is considered as a powerhouse of taste as well as of medicinal properties.

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