Day to Day tips for staying Healthy and Fit

Tips for stay Healthy and Fit:-

• Don’t eat up to your full stomach like if you want to feel like having four chapatis stop at three only.

• Quit drinking water between the meals and as well as don’t drink just after the meal have water after  minutes of meal and also avoid chilled water

• 2 Hours of gap has to be there between the dinner and sleeping.

• Should take more amount of boiled green vegetable, Fruits, soups, juices instead of Fried and spicy foods.

• Eat your every meal by sitting in a comfortable position.

• Eat that food needs by the body not just on the basis of taste you like.

• Foods having high fiber should be consumed.

• Daily you should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

• Your stomach should be cleaned properly so that you will not suffer from constipation.

• Never talk or watch Tv while having food and also eat slowly.

• The food which you are in-taking should be properly chewed so that it’s all nutrients will be used by body.

• Never skipped the meals and also take care the gap between the meals should be not more than 3 hours.

• Milk, Yogurt, Soybean and leafy vegetables should be taken more to strengthen the bones.

• Daily make a habit of having Apple, Pears, Peas, Oats, Amla and strawberries.

• Do Physical Exercise on the daily basis.

• Quit Smoking, Tabbaco this are really very harmful for health and also don’t take too much of tension.

• While sitting and walking you should always take care of your postures like sitting straight and walk taking your belly in and walk tall.




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