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Broccoli Information, Nutrients, Benefits

Many of us have not even seen Broccoli earlier in some parts of India. But, nowadays with globalisation, we can see this green vegetable in big stores. It is an eatable green plant that comes under the Cabbage Family.

You will find a large flower head in this vegetable, and this is the eatable part of the vegetable. The name of this vegetable came from the Italian word ‘Broccolo’. The meaning of this term is the flowering crest of cabbage.

Even though this vegetable can be consumed raw, it is mostly boiled or steamed for consumption. The vegetable has a similar look like a cauliflower even though it belongs to the cabbage family. But, cauliflower belongs to a different cultivator group even though it belongs to the same species. Now, you know what Broccoli is; let us get into the history of this veggie:

History of Broccoli:

This vegetable was initially cultivated in 6th Century BC in the Northern Mediterranean. Right from the Roman Period, this vegetable is considered a valuable vegetable among Italians. Then, in the 18th century, it was brought to England. The south Italian immigrants brought this vegetable to the United States earlier. But, it was not popular in the United States until the 1920s. 


After understanding Broccoli meaning, you should also understand that there are different varieties. However, three varieties are common. The most popular of them is the Calabrese Broccoli. This variety is referred merely as broccoli. The other two types are purple cauliflower and sprouting broccoli.

Production of Broccoli:

Nowadays, India also produces broccoli vegetable. In fact, in 2014, India and China together contributed a mark of 74% of the total broccoli produced internationally. Following these two countries, the other countries also provide this veggie help person prepare broccoli dishes. They are Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United States.


Broccoli plant is a cold weather plant. So, the plant performs weakly in hot weather conditions. In hot weather, the broccoli with heads performs ill. This happens because of infestation by insects. However, the sprouting variety of this veggie is more impervious. But, farmers should be careful about sucking insects like caterpillars and whiteflies.

There are many health benefits associated with Broccoli. It is generally stated that it is good at calcium level. So, it will make bones and muscles healthy and stronger. With these things known, let us head to the benefits of this green veggie.

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