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With the enormous benefits, you can get from Broccoli; you might be interested in learning how to cook broccoli. There are two ways to cook it. You can just bring water to boil. Once the water reaches the boiling temperature, you can add the florets of the vegetable along with stem and cover with a lid.

You will have to cook for 4-5 minutes to get the vegetable cooked. This is the steam cooking method that will retain the nutritional value to a great extent.

The other method in which you can cook this vegetable is to fry it in a pan with oil. You can also profoundly roast the broccoli in oil.

If you are interested in learning recipes for broccoli, you can cook many different recipes. Broccoli soup is the most common broccoli vegetable recipe. There are also other dishes that you can prepare with this great vegetable. For instance, you can prepare Broccoli curry to use it as a side dish for other recipes.

Otherwise, you also have the option to prepare broccoli gravy that can be used as a side dish for bread and chapati. You can also deep fry the florets and can consume crispy broccoli afresh just by adding a little salt and pepper powder.

There are good many broccoli vegetable recipes, and you can also create new recipes out of your creativity. Irrespective of the type of recipe, you should remember that this vegetable can bring many health benefits. So, you should include it in one form or another in your diet on a regular basis.

You should also learn how to cut this vegetable besides learning how to eat broccoli. The florets should be carefully separated from the main stem. Also, remember that if the stem attached to the floret is tender, you can consume them as well as they are easy to cook. But, if the florets have thick stems, just remove the stems and cook the florets alone.

You should cut this vegetable similar to what you do with cauliflower. You will separate the florets carefully from the stem, isn’t? The same thing applies here as well. Remember that as the florets are close to each other in the vegetable, there are chances of tiny insects residing in the vegetable.

So, as soon as you remove the florets, just put them in salt water for about half-an-hour. Then, wash it in running water to get it ready for cooking.

You can also use vinegar or lime extract as against salt water. Just add some vinegar or lemon extract in a bowl of water. Then, let the florets remain in the water for some time before rinsing completely in running water.

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