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Many of us know that vitamins in Carrots are plenty. So, we have been insisted right from our childhood that carrots are good for eyes. The reason is that this veggie is rich in beta carotene and vitamin A.


Nature of Carrots

You might be surprised to know that carrots are root vegetables. The botanical name of carrot is Daucus Carota. It is true that orange is the colour that most of us get into our minds when talking about carrot vegetable. But, the fact is that farmers cultivate carrot plants that produce this veggie in different colours like yellow, white, red, black and even purple.


Carrots were wide vegetables. But, they were domesticated later, and they are the natives of Southwestern Asia and Europe. It is considered that the carrot originated in Persia and the plant was initially cultivated mainly for the seeds and leaves. Nevertheless, the most common part of the plant consumed these days is the vegetable that is called as the taproot.

Even, the greens are also consumed in some parts of the world. The special thing about domestic carrot plant as against wild carrot plant is that the former produces a more enlarged, palatable and less woody-textured taproot, which cannot be found in wild carrots.


We know about carrot vitamin, but many of us are not aware of the cultivation process of this vegetable. Do you know that carrot plant grows from seeds? Once the seeds are sown, it will take nearly 4 months or 120 days to mature. But, most farmers see the maturity within 70-80 days when they grow the plant in the appropriate climatic and suitable conditions. Even though the plant can withhold exposure to full sun, they need some shade as well to grow. The suitable soil for cultivating carrot plant is sandy, well-drained, loose and deep soil with a pH of around 6.3 to 3.8.


Carrots are ideal for storage for several months in the refrigerator or even outside in the case of places with the cool and moist weather. To ensure longevity, unwashed carrot without any wetness can be placed in a bucket between layers of sand.

Now, with these things known about carrots, let us learn the nutrition value of this veggie:


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