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  • Originally from India, cucumber is a vegetable consumed in several regions of the world. It comes from a creeping or climbing herbaceous plant with thick leaves also called cucumber.
  • Cucumber is used mainly in cooking, notably in salads but also in the manufacture of cosmetics.
  •  The cucumber is a summer vegetable, with an elongated shape and about 15cm long. Its skin is green that clears until it turns yellow at maturity.
  •  It can currently be found in European markets throughout the year.
  •  Not very mature cucumbers with a thin skin can be consumed without peeling. But it is always advisable to remove it besides washing it well before consuming it. It can be consumed in salads, cut into strips, cooked in soups and stews or in the form of puree.
  •  As a cucumber ripens, it undergoes yellowing and its nuggets are becoming more and more formed.
  •  A good quality cucumber should not have the nuggets formed, so it must be collected before the pips begin to harden.
  •  Harvesting should occur about half of its development in length and when its color corresponds with an intense green with the tendency to pale.
  •  In fresh you must choose the green products and without yellow spots. Cucumbers with an excessive size usually have a more bitter taste, with excess soft texture.

How to peel cucumbers?

To avoid bitter taste, peel from the end where it was attached to the plant, and to the other end.


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