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With its botanical name as Phaseolus Vulgaris, French bean is a highly productive summer crop. Commonly called as beans, the plants in which these veggies grow produce lots of pods. As compared to runner bean, which is another variety of bean, French Beans are easy to grow. Otherwise, called as green beans, these veggies are excellent alternatives for farmers, who do not have enough room for rubber beans.

Better Than Rubber Beans in Many Ways:

Farmers are of the opinion that these modern-day seeds are more productive as compared to runner beans. Also, the taste and texture are also better, and farmers state that these French beans are much reliable as compared to runner beans. The reason is that they hardly have the problem of weak flowering and unsettling pods. But, these assurances are not possible with runner beans.


Otherwise called as string beans, French beans prefer sunny and warm climate to grow. But, these plants can tolerate light shade as well. To make sure of the harvesting of the best pods, it is better to make sure that the soil is dug well before cultivation. Snap beans or snaps are other names for these veggies.

These vegetables are distinguished from the many different varieties of beans in the manner that they are harvested and consumed with the pods enclosed. In general, they are harvested before the seeds fully mature.

In the past, bean pods had a string, otherwise, known as hard fibrous strand running the length of the pod. Before they are cut for cooking, it was essential to remove the string or otherwise, they had to be split into smaller segments to make them eatable. But, in the modern commercially grown varieties, these strings are hard to find. This means cooking easier.

Consumed Around The World:

Green bean is a vegetable that is absorbed from around the world, and they are destroyed fresh, frozen, and also canned. This vegetable is often baked, stir-fried, boiled and steamed. In the United States, dishes with this vegetable are highly prevalent during Thanksgiving Day.

Some restaurants in the United States serve this vegetable in fried form, and Japan restaurants serve this vegetable as green bean tempura. This vegetable is also sold in dried form. They are fried separately or with other vegetables like peas, corn, and carrots.

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