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Green Peas Information, Nutrients, Benefits

Green peas also called as peas or garden peas are spherical and small seeds. These seeds come from the pods of the plant called Pisum Sativum. Humans are using them in their diet for hundreds of years. Also, this is an edible vegetable that is consumed from across the globe.

Are They Vegetables?

In fact, green peas are not vegetables. They are the chapter of the legume family that encompasses plants that produce pods that contain seeds within them. Other examples of legumes are peanuts, beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

However, green peas are sold and cooked as vegetables. So, we will refer them as vegetables in this content. You can find them in canned, fresh and dried peas. They are considered starchy vegetables as they are rich in complex carbohydrates called starches.

This pea vegetable is available in different varieties. In addition to the green variants, you can see that a pea plant can produce any peas like a yellow pea, a black-eyed pea, and purple pea. However, green peas are commonly consumed.

There are variants like snap peas and snow peas that are consumed along with green peas. The reason is that they look very much similar to each other. However, the nutrient and flavour vary slightly.

Producer and Exporter of Peas:

The pea plant is grown all around the world. The good thing about this plant is that it can become in any time zone and any climate. At present, the most significant producer and exporter of green peas are Canada. This country roughly grows 3 million tons of peas every year. Followed by Canada, the other producers of green peas are India, Russia, China, and France. India is the most significant importer of green pea as we Indians use them in many different recipes.

What to Consider When Shopping or Harvesting?

When you shop or harvest green peas, it is better to opt for smaller green peas. The reason is that they are sweeter. The fresh sweet peas can be consumed raw, or they can also be used as gently-heated stir-fries.

In case, you cannot find fresh peas in the market; you can very well opt for the frozen varieties. As we all know, there are many types of peas and frozen, or dried varieties also have the same flavour and taste.

But, when you shop for dried varieties, you will have to soak them overnight in water to make them ready to cook in the morning. But, fresh peas do not need such soakings.

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