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Mushroom Information, Nutrients, Benefits

In the world of foods, Mushrooms are classified as vegetables. Even though it is called as a mushroom plant, it is not a plant technically. They belong to the fungi kingdom. Also though they should not be classified as veggies, they can bring many health benefits to the users.

Mushroom Farming:

Nowadays, Mushroom farming is gaining great popularity. We find that mushrooms are sold in supermarkets these days. They are the ones that are commercially grown by farmers specialized in mushroom growing.

The mushrooms that we find in supermarkets are called as Agaricus Bisporus. They are considered the safest for the humans to consume. The reason is that this mushroom is grown in controlled and sterilized environments.

Farmers grow several varieties of this safe mushroom inclusive of Portobello, crimini, and whites. Mushroom cultivation is gaining popularity in the recent days because of the increasing affluence in developing nations. In fact, most farmers consider mushroom production as a potentially crucial economic activity.

Used in Cooking:

Mushroom is used in cooking extensively in some countries of the world. The countries include Japan, Europe, Korea and China. Even though they are neither meat nor vegetable, they are referred to as the meat of the vegetable world. Of course, nowadays, we can see the mushroom in Indian supermarkets as well.

Mushroom Production:

Now, you know the answer to your question what a mushroom is? Yes, it is a fungus. China produces the types of mushroom that can be consumed by the humans.

China produces nearly half of all the mushroom production from around the world. As per the records, Poland was the major exporter of mushroom. Even, dried mushrooms are exported from one country to another.

Mushroom Production at Home:

Many people these days have the interest in growing mushroom at their home. The reason is that they are fungi. So, they can reproduce themselves as compared to typical garden plants. But, to produce mushroom at home, it is essential to spend the time to make mushroom spawn initially. This is not just an expensive project, but it is something rewarding as well.

What is Mushroom Spawn?

As against plants growing from seed, fruit and then dying back, mushrooms are different. They are fungus with a different life cycle. Most of the living tissue of this fungus is hidden away underground or on another surface.

The surface can be anything like a shady tree branch or a rotting log of wood. This portion of mushroom is referred to as mycelium. This is the primary ingredient required to make mushroom spawn.

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