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Skin Benefits of Potato:

  • It helps in removal of the dark- circles.
  • It has anti-ageing property. It can also treat wrinkles.
  • It is the remedy to fade away the dark spots.
  • Potato juice helps to get rid of facial blemishes.
  • Potatoes help to get rid of the sunburn.
  • Potato gives smooth skin feeling to the people having dry skin.
  • Potatoes are skin-lightening reagent.
  • Potatoes are wonderful for removal of dead skin cells.
  • It works as a natural facial cleanser.
  • It removes the puffiness under eyes.

Health Benefits of Potato:

  • They help in preventing constipation.
  • They decrease the absorption of dietary cholesterol.
  • It helps in keeping the blood sugar levels within normal range.
  • Potato keeps the stomach full.
  • It keeps away the craving for another food away.
  • Regular consumption of potatoes helps in developing resistance against infectious agents.
  • Due to the rich amount of Vitamin C, they boost our immunity.
  • Potatoes help fight in cardiovascular diseases.
  • They help in the good bowel movements.
  • Potatoes help in great cell renewal.
  • Eating potatoes may result in a good mood and lower down the stress.
  • Potatoes have anti-cancer properties too.

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