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About Radish

We consume many fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. We add some vegetable to salads, while we add some to graves that we prepare in our homes. When talking about vegetables, Radish is a vegetable that forms part of the cuisine in many countries from around the world.


The botanical name of radish is Raphanus raphanistrum. This is a veggie that belongs to the Brassicaceae family and it is an edible root vegetable. This veggie was cultivated in pre-Roman and European times.

Other Names for Radish:

The Japanese name for this veggie is Daikon and this name was initially adopted in English as well. Sometimes, this veggie is otherwise referred to as Japanese radish, Oriental radish, Chinese radish or mooli. The term mooli is used specifically in India and South Asia.


Even though it is used in gravies in some parts of India, it is also consumed as raw additions to vegetable salads. There are many different varieties of this vegetable available that vary in length, colour, flavour, and size. Also, some varieties tend to take time to mature, while some are consumed raw when they are still tender.


You will come across different colours of radishes like red radish, white radish and the other colours are pink, green to black and yellow. Even though these are skin colours, the flesh is generally white in colour.

What Gives the Colour and Flavour to this Vegetable?

Some of us do not like the strong flavour produced by mooli. The reason for this flavour is the different chemical compounds generated by the plant inclusive of isothiocyanate, myrosinase, and glucosinolate. These are companion plants and they suffer from diseases and a few pests.

What is The Period of Maturity?

There are smaller varieties of radish and they grow at a rapid pace. Yes, they get ready for consumption just within a month. However, larger varieties take several months to mature. The smaller variants will have a few leaves at about 13 cm long, while the longer variants can grow up to 60 cm.

When they are harvested at the right time, the flesh will be sweet and crisp. But, they get a bitter taste when left in the ground for long before harvesting.


In general, mooli is fast-growing and it is an annual cool-season crop. The germination of radish seeds happens in 3-4 days when grown in moist conditions. On an average condition, the crop matures in around 3-4 weeks, but in the case of colder climatic conditions, it will take around 6-7 weeks before the cultivation after sowing the seeds.

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