Tomato Juice: Nutrition, Benefits, Recipe


It is one of the fruits that is very present in almost all salads that are consumed,  however, when you make a kind of "juice" with this, people immediately think that it is no longer as good and healthy, because at Liquefy it loses all the properties that it has. When you make a juice or juice with this fruit, all its properties are still there; it is also too easy to prepare.

Tomato Juice Recipe:

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 2 very ripe tomatoes
  • 2 sprigs of parsley
  • 3 sprigs of celery
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • Salt, freshly ground pepper
  • Tabasco (optional)


  1. Wash the vegetables (tomatoes, parsley leaves and celery). Cut the tomatoes into quarters. Squeeze half a lemon.
  2. Pour into the blender: the districts of tomatoes,  the parsley, the celery, the lemon juice, add a pinch of salt.
  3. Filter the preparation with a Chinese over a container. Once filtered, pour the tomato juice in glasses, pepper and for the little touch deco add a branch of celery.
  4. And if you like it to be higher, add a few drops of Tabasco. It's ready!

Tomato Juice Nutritions:


An average of 100g Tomato Juice




0.8 g


4.2 g

Dietary fiber

0.4 g


10 mg


0.1 g



Calcium (per 100 g)

1 %

Magnesium (per 100 g)


Potassium (per 100 g)




Vitamin C (per 100 g)


Vitamin A (per 100 g)


Vitamin B-6(per 100 g)



Trace Elements:

Iron (per 100 g)



Benefits of Tomato Juice:

Tomato juice is rich in vitamins C, B3, B6, K, beta-carotene, and they provide minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium. Tomato is a fruit that contains antioxidants, organic acids like citric acid and malic acid.

1: Tomato Juice is Full of Energy

Beginning the day by drinking a glass of tomato juice helps wake up, purify and strengthen your body.

It is also good to stay in shape all day. Tomato juice is the friend of athletes. Its potassium and phosphorus content helps to relieve stress, fatigue, exhaustion and muscle weakness, and to prevent muscle spasms and cramps.

2: Benefits of Tomato Juice for the Skin

The tomato juice also helps to fight against the ageing of the cells, the appearance of the wrinkles and the impurities of the skin.

3: Tomato Juice is Good for Heart and Blood

With its enzymes and minerals, tomato juice promotes blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol. Potassium helps maintain blood pressure at a steady level. It is effective for people with diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

4: Tomato Juice Benefits for Purifying the Body

Tomato juice is a purifying agent that can drain liquids, eliminate the toxins that swell our bodies, and give us an impression of fatigue and heaviness. Tomato juice is low in calories. It is an excellent diuretic, able to activate our metabolism to help us burn fat and act against constipation.

5: Tomato Juice is Good for Bones and Teeth

The vitamin K contained in tomato juice is a fundamental element for the absorption of calcium.

6: Tomato Juice is Good for the Immune System

It is a natural cocktail to increase your natural defences and protect you naturally against infections, flu, colds, etc.

7: Benefits of Tomato Juice for Arthritis

It helps fight inflammation and problems associated with arthritis. An imperative nevertheless: for tomato juice to be effective, it is necessary to drink regularly.

Tomato juice is a real health concentrate. We also realise that it is the combination of different components (potassium and phosphorus, iron and vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K) that allows tomato juice to be more efficient.

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